21 Benefits of Having a Cat in 2021

The benefits of having a cat: It has always talked about the positive effects of health on having a pet, and what count is like little animals of giving love and companionship have numerous qualities that make people feel better both physically and mentally. In this article, we are going to talk specifically about the health benefits of having a cat as a pet, so if you want to know everything, keep reading.

benefits of having a cat

They are beautiful, clean, and do not require your continuous attention. These are just some of the reasons why cat lovers are becoming more and more. If you are not yet decided to adopt one, we recommend that you read the following article where we will tell you what the benefits of having a cat at home are.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Cat?

Having a pet at home is wonderful. But each species is different and does not always match our personality or habits. If you are thinking of having a kitten, we give you just a few reasons for the benefits of having a cat at home:

1. Reduce Stress

Several studies have indicated that having a cat as a pet has great health benefits of having a cat for its owners. One of these benefits would be to calm us down, and it seems that the purring of our feline generates vibrations of between 20 and 140 hertz, a frequency which is considered beneficial for relaxation of the body and mind.

Petting cats lowers levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone). It is also believed that physical contact with cats in humans increases the production of brain theta waves, which usually occur in states of relaxation and deep calm.

2. Petting a Cat Helps Us Reduce the Stress-causing Hormone

Likewise, petting a cat can help alleviate stress by reducing levels of cortisol, one of the stress-causing hormones. Similarly, being with our pet increases the production of theta waves, which help to enter into states of relaxation and calm.

3. They Help People With Autism to Socialize

Although it may seem unreal, the therapeutic effects that cats have in people with autism are highly beneficial. Despite the fact that the breed and the specimen of this animal must be taken into account. It has been proven that these cats help people with autism to relate to the outside world since these animals are very independent, have their own space, and are get closer without overwhelming people. This makes the presence of this animal help them open up a little more to the outside.

4. Autistic Children Who Have a Cat Are Happier

Similarly, autistic children who own a cat have been found to have a higher level of oxytocin in the body, which reduces the repetitive behaviors of children with autism.

5. They Are Good for Your Heart Health

A study by the University of Minnesota monitored 4,500 people of whom three out of five had a cat as a pet. They did this for 10-years and determined that people who lived with a cat have better heart health. Thanks to this study, it was concluded that people with a pet cat had a less than 30% risk of having a heart attack.

6. They Help People With Depression

A 2011 survey of 600 people suffering from this disease revealed that having this animal as a pet had made them cope with their daily lives much better by having the company of these cats.

Cats help improve your mood and serve as a positive distraction to get you away from everyday problems. Likewise, it has been proven that having a routine, like the one that is having a pet gives you helps people with depression by looking busy and not having to be alone and with nothing to do.

7. Watching Cat Videos Also Produces Positive Feelings

Similarly, in 2015 a study was carried out on 7000 people who indicated that watching videos or photographs of cats made them have more positive emotions, so having this pet is considered very beneficial, especially to people who are going through a bad emotional streak.

8. Improves Overall Health

Several studies have stated that after a month of acquiring a cat, you can start to see the positive health effects. Some of the improvements were an increase in the immune system strength of these people that made them recover more quickly from minor illnesses such as colds. Likewise, it has been proven that children who grow up with pets develop a stronger immune system that reduces the chances of allergies and infections.

9. Physical Benefits

It is proven that pets promote physical activity in their owners, and that is that. As you already know, animals are not very friendly to laziness, so having an animal that depends on you solely for playing and exercising makes you have to do it.

10. The Routines We Should Have With Them Will Make Us More Active

Like most pets, these cats require a daily routine to be able to vent and be calm. Playing with them and even brushing them becomes physical routines that will make us be on the move and, therefore, physically healthier. Also, possibly this will make us much more fun than simply going to the gym and doing the same as always and will strengthen ties with our pet.

11. Inspire Positive Emotions

A survey of 7,000 people in 2015 indicated that watching videos or photos of cats meant an increase in the positive emotions (happiness, hope) of the person viewing them, as well as an increase in their energy levels.

12. They Are Hygienic

Felines are one of the cleanest animals that exist. And among pets without a doubt the most hygienic. They continually lick each other and wash after relieving themselves, going out in the garden, playing, or even being touched by a person.

He won’t give you any cleaning work. He’ll take care of it himself! You must also comply with the treatments to eliminate fleas and ticks.

13. Protect the Heart

Living with pets has been associated with decreased stress, reduced blood pressure, and, therefore, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

A study carried out in 2009 in which there were more than 4,000 participants who had had or currently have a pet (dogs and cats), revealed that people who had lived with cats had a lower risk of having myocardial infarction than those who did not live with cats. Interestingly, living with dogs was not shown to be associated with a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease, including myocardial infarction.

14. They Give You True Love

Although cats are said to be independent and unfriendly, the truth is that they also express their love in many ways and love pampering. The relationship we have with the cat is authentic, intense, and deep.

15. Improves Mental Health

A 2011 survey of 600 people, of whom half had a mental health problem at the time, revealed that 87% felt that having a cat had a positive impact on their lives, and 75% coped better on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the company of your cat.

16.They Do Their Own Thing

Unlike dogs, it is not necessary to take your cat for a walk, since it needs a clean litter box to relieve itself. This is perfect if you are away from home for many hours or do not have time to walk with your pet. Once you learn how to use the special cubicle, you don’t need anything else.

17. Improves General Health

If you do not currently have a cat and you are considering letting one into your life, you should know that in a study carried out with almost a hundred participants, and it turned out that during the first month after the acquisition of a pet (dog or cat), people gave better scores on a general health questionnaire compared to people without pets. In people with pets, there was a significant reduction in the incidence of minor health problems during this period. So, what are you waiting for?

18. They Are Silent

Although when they are puppies, they can be somewhat mischievous (especially because of their curiosity), cats spend a lot of time sleeping. When they wake up, they are usually very stealthy. They can walk ahead of us without us noticing. This is due to its pads under the legs.

They only meow when they are hungry or bored. But they won’t make noise just because they do at any other time of the day.

19. They Adapt to Small Spaces

This is one of the main reasons why people who live in cities choose cats as pets. If you live in a small flat. A feline will be perfect because it does not need too much space to play, eat, sleep, or relieve itself.

20. They Are Independent

This can be a benefit or a disadvantage. However, the autonomy of the cat is appreciated in people who travel a lot or who work more than 8 hours a day. You can leave in the morning and return at night or even take a weekend getaway without worrying about your cat. You only need a plate full of food, another water, and your clean sandpit.

21. They Assure You Fun

You can play with him when you return from work, live unforgettable moments, have a partner for your leisure hours. And he will always be the star of your funny photos and videos. You see, there are infinite benefits of having a cat at home, do not think about it.

However, if you have some type of physical problem that makes you not able to move well, you should know that veterinarians recommend having a cat since these cats do not suppose an excessive expenditure of energy as if a dog does when having to walk it and yet it provides all the positive effects that scientists are talking about.

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