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Discover Blue Peter Cats and Dog Names: For anyone who grew up watching the BBC’s beloved children’s series, Blue Peter, the show’s animal companions were undoubtedly just as endearing and integral to the experience as the human presenters themselves. From Petra the dog’s reassuring presence to the playful antics of Socks the cat, these four-legged friends left indelible paw prints on the hearts of millions of viewers.

The Blue Peter pets, a delightful ensemble of cats and dogs, graced the small screen for over five decades, becoming a staple feature of this long-running series. Beyond their television appearances, these cherished pets lived a life just as vibrant, and often behind the scenes, in the dedicated care of Blue Peter’s long-standing pet keeper, Edith Menezes, who lovingly looked after them for 27 years until she died in 1994.

Blue Peter Cats and Dog Names
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What are the names of the Blue Peter pets?

Not all pets stayed with Menezes, however. Petra, Shep, and Goldie – three of the show’s most famous dogs – shared homes with their respective presenters, Peter Purves, John Noakes, and Simon Groom, further enriching the bond between the pets and their caretakers and bringing authenticity to the relationships that fans witnessed on screen.

Here, we will take a walk down memory lane, exploring the stories behind the names of these beloved Blue Peter pets. We will delve into the origins and meanings of their names, offering a new perspective on these cherished animal companions. Whether you’ve been a lifelong fan of the show or are just getting introduced, join us as we celebrate the lives and legacies of these unforgettable Blue Peter pets.

How many Blue Peter pets are there?

There have been 24 pets in total on the Blue Peter children’s television series. This includes a variety of animals, such as tortoises, cats, horses, parrots, and a host of guide dogs.

What was the first Blue Peter pet?

The first Blue Peter pet was a cat named Jason, introduced by Valerie Singleton in 1964.

What is the famous Blue Peter dog?

The most famous Blue Peter dog is Shep, a Border Collie who lived from 1971 to 1987. The BBC brought in Shep to replace Patch, one of Petra’s puppies. Following Petra’s death in 1977, Shep took the mantle as the main Blue Peter dog, etching his name in the show’s rich history annals.

Did Blue Peter have a cat?

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Yes, Blue Peter did have a cat. The first cat to join the Blue Peter family was named Jason. He became part of the show in 1964 and had a memorable role in 1975 when he portrayed the Cheshire Cat in the Blue Peter Christmas production of Alice in Blue Peter Land. Despite his on-screen role, Jason was a Siamese cat.

Does Blue Peter have a dog?

Yes, Blue Peter does have a dog. The Blue Peter dog is Henry. Henry is a Beagle/Basset Hound cross who made his first appearance on the show on 4 April 2019. He was rescued from Dogs Trust at the age of two and is owned by a Blue Peter production team member.

List of Blue peter cats and dog names

Note that the meanings of the names are interpreted based on common uses and name origins, and they may not always be the specific reasons why the Blue Peter team chose the names.

Pet NameSpeciesMeaning
PetraDog“Petra” is a Greek name meaning “rock” or “stone”.
PatchDog“Patch” is often used for animals with different colored patches of fur.
JasonDog“Jason” is a Greek name meaning “healer”.
ShepDog“Shep” is short for “Shepherd”, referring to the dog breed or a shepherd of sheep, which relates to the dog’s role as a companion and protector.
GoldieDog“Goldie” often refers to the golden color of the dog’s fur.
BonnieDog“Bonnie” is a Scottish word meaning “beautiful” or “cheerful”.
GeorgeDog“George” is a Greek name meaning “farmer” or “earthworker”.
LucyDog“Lucy” is a Latin name meaning “light”.
MabelDog“Mabel” is a Latin name meaning “lovable”.
MegDog“Meg” is a Greek name meaning “pearl”.
BarneyDog“Barney” is a name of English origin, and it means “son of consolation”.
IglooDog“Igloo” is a type of shelter built of snow, traditionally used by the Inuit.
MagicCat“Magic” refers to the supernatural power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
JasonCat“Jason” is a Greek name meaning “healer”.
WillowCat“Willow” is a type of tree known for its flexibility and grace.
Kari, Oke & PatchCats“Kari” doesn’t have a clear meaning in English but in Norse it means “Gust of wind”. “Oke” and “Patch” don’t have known specific meanings.
Jack, Jill & MabelCats“Jack” is of English origin meaning “God is gracious”, “Jill” is of English origin meaning “child of the gods”, and “Mabel” is a Latin name meaning “lovable”.
Socks & CookieCats“Socks” is a common name for cats with different colored paws, and “Cookie” often refers to the cat’s color or pattern resembling a baked cookie.


Please note that the Blue Peter pets have all been unique and much loved, regardless of their names or species.