Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Those of us who have dogs know from experience that dogs love prawns and shrimp, prawns, and other kinds of shellfish. Although we always want to give our furry friends everything that can make them happy, sometimes we have doubts about what is good for them or not. In this case, you can not worry.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Yes, dogs (and cats) can eat prawns but with very simple conditions to meet.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

Nothing will happen to your dog if he eats a shrimp that he finds on the ground. However, it happens to him as with the rest of the shellfish: it is not recommended for him. It has too much protein and cholesterol. Seafood is not like a can of tuna or white fish, which does suit you.

In other words, if on Christmas night a shrimp falls to the ground and is eaten, don’t worry. You do have to pay attention to that it does not eat the head or the shell, as it could cause a small injury. If you discover that he vomits or has diarrhea after eating, keep him fasting for the rest of the day until his stomach stabilizes.

To help him get back to digestive health, allow him plenty of water at his fingertips and slowly return to feedings. Probiotics can accelerate its improvement, but you should always consult your trusted veterinarian beforehand.

Prawns cooked and in moderation

For both humans and animals, moderation is a good adviser. Seafood is a type of food with numerous health benefits, just like meat. But always in the right measure.

Similarly, prawns, prawns, or shrimp, despite being very beneficial foods for dogs, could cause health problems if consumed in excess. And, be careful, always cooked, never raw or fried (fried foods are never good for dogs).

It may happen that there are dogs, as there are people, with a certain intolerance to shellfish. That is easy to check. If you have given your dog well-cooked shrimp in perfect condition and still he has had some type of allergic reaction, do not hesitate to consult the veterinarian.

If your dog has no problems with cooked prawns, you can try making these delicious prawn crackers for cats (it’s a recipe for cats, but it’s also good for dogs)

Going back to the convenience of cooking the prawns before giving them to your furry friend, the explanation is very simple. When shellfish is cooked, any kind of bacteria or microorganism harmful to health is eliminated.

Benefits of shrimp for dogs

Once the precautions to be taken when feeding shrimp to a dog have become clear, it is time to point out the reasons why it is highly recommended to include this kind of shellfish, as well as other similar ones, in their diet.

The one not insignificant reason is that they love prawns, and you know that a happy dog ​​has every chance of being a healthy dog ​​(how much they look like us!). Even so, this is not the main reason to include these shellfish in your diet. You have to look at the many benefits they present for the dog’s body.

Prawns help delay the aging of dogs thanks to the high antioxidant power of some of their nutritional elements, such as vitamin E and selenium.

They also help take care of the furry line due to their low-fat content and because they contribute to the metabolism of carbohydrates.

The consumption of prawns can also favor your dog’s hair and nails since the high presence of vitamins of group B, E, and K help them grow with greater resistance.

Other great benefits of prawns for the health of dogs come from their great richness in protein, which strengthens their muscles and allows them to raise their energy levels, the presence of selenium and zinc among their nutrients, which strengthens their immune system, and its high content of phosphorus and calcium, perfect for caring for its bones and teeth (don’t forget that the quality of a dog’s teeth is usually the best indicator of its state of health).

How not to serve shrimp to your dog?

When you go to feed your dog think about how you would like to be fed. No, this does not mean that you have to sit the furry at the table and put on cutlery and napkins. It means that you should never give him food that may be spoiled.

For example, if you buy frozen shrimp for your dog, check to make sure the package doesn’t show any rips or tears. And if you are going to give him fresh prawns, make sure they do not smell excessively fishy.

In short, please do not give him shellfish that you would not eat.


Finally, the answer to the question that heads this post about whether dogs can eat shrimp has a clear answer: yes. But, you know, well cooked and in moderation. Balance is always a good starting base.