Ranking of Top Dogs With Strongest Bite (Ranked)

Best Dogs With Strongest Bite: Attention question, could you tell which dogs are with the strongest bite? The dog descends from the wolf, a wild, intelligent, and physically formidable animal. 

Ranking of Dogs With Strongest Bite

So with such a “grandfather” in his lineage, it is logical that some dog breeds have preserved powerful jaws, right?

Dogs With Strongest Bite

What Dog Breed Has the Most Powerful Bite in the World?

Perhaps the first one that comes to mind is the Pitbull, as happens to most people, but let us anticipate that you are not the winner of the Ranking of best Dogs With Strongest Bite. Attentive to this Ranking of dogs with the most powerful bite that reveals the studies done on the subject!

How Do You Measure the Strength of the Bite?

The strength of a dog’s bite or bite (and other animals in general) is measured by the pressure exerted by the jaw when closed to bite. The most used meter is BFQ.


The BFQ (Bite Force Quotient) is a ratio that measures the strength of the bite in relation to the weight of the animal.

Among mammals, the palm is taken by the Tasmanian Devil, a very fierce and strong toddler. To give you an idea:

  • The Tasmanian Devil has a BFQ of 181
  • A gray wolf 136
  • A hyena 117
  • A small domestic cat 58.

Small Dog Breeds That Bite The Most

Among the small dog breeds that most bites are the Chihuahuas. Despite their small size, they have a fairly defensive character when the owner is surrounded by other people or animals since he comes to regard them as a threat.

The poodles are another clear example that surprises. This species also tends to bite by feeling some threat and having to defend itself. Also, you have to be especially cautious with them because they can interpret tickles or other leisure gestures as threats.

In this section, there are also dogs like the Dachshund, which are usually quite aggressive with strangers and even with their own owners and other animals. Special care should be taken when there are children who want to play.

Big Dogs That Bite

Within this group of dogs, there is the American Pit Bull Terrier, which can even mutilate a person. like the Rottweiler, being the two dog breeds are quite dangerous for people or other animals because they can kill with their bites. In fact, they are two quite aggressive breeds like the Doberman Pinscher.

This list also includes the German Shepherd. Although he is a fairly faithful and loyal companion to his master, they are also able to bite for that defense ability and to be guard dogs.

The Huskies have a high propensity to bite and, although they are usually used to pull the sleds, the truth is that they are on the list of the dogs that bite the most. Above all, many such incidents have been recorded in North America.

A similar situation occurs with the Alaskan Malamute, which has a rather complicated character because they have a hard time obeying and can become very destructive if they do not do much daily activity to burn all their energy.

Ranking of Dogs With Strongest Bite

And what about dogs, what breeds bite harder? We know that wild wolf can exert more pressure with their bites than dogs. And in general, larger and heavier dogs have a more powerful jaw than small ones.

Although the strength of the jaw varies between different specimens of the same breed and different circumstances, roughly the dogs with the most powerful jaw (and bite) would be:

1. Mastiff

This huge dog can weigh 90 or 100 kg. No wonder his jaw is considered by many to be the most powerful among dogs. Although keep one thing in mind, saying mastiff dog is like saying “family” because there really are a lot of different types of mastiff dogs and also dogs derived from Mastiff.

Dogs With Strongest Bite

According to some data,  the Dogs With Strongest Bite that has been measured in a specific copy was of a Mastiff, but it is also considered that, on average, the Rottweiler race would be number

2. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a dog raised in Germany, which was used for work, as it served as a sheepdog, guard. And even to pull the cars that took the meat to the market. 

Dogs With Strongest Bite

We have placed the Rottweiler in second place. Still, according to various studies such as the one carried out by National GeographicOpens in a new tab., the Rottweiler would dispute the first position to the Mastiff. That is, who has the strongest Mastiff or rottweiler bite?

Well, we are a little doubtful. The powerful head, muscular neck, and powerful jaw could make the Rottweiler deserving of the number one ranking.

Note: in the National Geographic study to which I refer and link (you can see it, it is a video in English), this Ranking is shown, eye, but only the bite of 3 dog breeds was measured, and they did not use the BFQ as a meter, that’s why the scores are so high:

  • The dog with the strongest bite is the Rottweiler with a score of 328
  • The German Shepherd is second in bite force with a score of 238
  • The pit bull is in third place.

So which is the dog with the strongest bite in the world? Between the Mastiff and the Rottweiler, we would be there, depending on the source that is consulted. That has an explanation, and it is believed that the remote origin of rottweilers is Mastiff-type dogs carried by the Romans to northern Europe.

3. German Shepherd

Another German dog With the Strongest Bite, such as the Rottweiler (undoubtedly Germany, is the best-represented country in the Ranking of dogs with the strongest bite). In the tests carried out, the German shepherd scores only a little below the Rottweiler, which is surprising if we consider that it is a shepherd dog.

Dogs With Strongest Bite

What no one can deny is that the German Shepherd is a true SUV; Shepherd dog, police dog, rescue, protective pet friend of children … in short, a whole dog, sir.  

4. Pit Bull

The Pitbull, of course, is in the Ranking of the Dogs With Strongest Bite but is not number one. And is that the pitbull exerts less pressure with his jaw than the German Shepherd. But still remains at the top of the classification.

Dogs With Strongest Bite

In summary, from existing studies today, these would be the Dogs With Strongest Bite.

However, we currently have reliable studies on the bite force of a few dog breeds, and we will have to wait for the future to complete this Ranking with dogs such as the Bull Terrier, Akita, Doberman, Canarian prey, Argentine bulldog, or Siberian Husky.

Other Races Not Included in the Studies

There are two other little-known dog breeds, but they are gaining popularity lately. And both are strong and formidable jaws, used in Turkey and Armenia to guard herds and ward off wolves.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there are still no measured studies on the strength of his bite, but in the future, there will be. They are:

  • The Caucasian Shepherd dog, Caucasus or Caucasus Mastiff.
  • The Turkish Kangal

We talked about them in the post, which is the strongest dog in the world. However, the Caucasian Shepherd and the Kangal are mastiff dogs. Somehow, they would be included in the number one ranking, the Mastiff.

Studies on Jaws of Dogs and Their Bite Do Not Take Into Account the Motivation of the Dog When Biting

This is such a difficult subject to measure because if you see the images of National Geographic, only the dog is called to bite the protected arm of the trainer, whom he knows.

But surely that same dog if he feels in danger, or sees his owner, his house or his life in danger and is very stressed or furious because he would give a much higher score when biting.

The motivation and emotion that at a given moment is printed to action can multiply its strength, and that motivation is difficult to achieve in studies.

Dog Bite Strength and Danger

The dog, the descendant of the wolf, has preserved some powerful jaws in some breeds

We must clarify strength and danger. Obviously, being strong does not mean being dangerous. In other words, dogs with the strongest bite are not necessarily the most dangerous.

The danger of breeds or dogs is usually due to the education given to the dog and how balanced it is. To be balanced, a dog needs exercise, rules, love, to be treated well, and not be stressed).

There are people who train dogs professionally to dedicate them to surveillance or guard work. A dog may be well trained to guard, but not necessarily be in aggressive and upset mode all day.

But there are also irresponsible owners who raise and educate them with the purpose of promoting aggressiveness. Trying that a dog in his day to day is altered, aggressive, and scary, does not show that the owner is strong or respectable, but that even if it does not appear, deep down, he is insecure and needs the dog to compensate.

Who is sure of his strength, does not need to demonstrate it continuously. 

Take as an example: the typical barking and upset Chihuahuita, and a German shepherd who is usually calmer. This is simply because the chihuahua since he is a little boy, is generally afraid, while the German Shepherd is sure of his physique. The saying “little biting barking dog” goes around.

If you own a dog with a high BFQOpens in a new tab., you should pay more attention to their education and socialization, in addition to providing sufficient limits, rules, walks, and exercise to lower their energy level. Any well-behaved and well-behaved dog can become the ideal companion for you and your neighbors. If you are interested in the subject, we have prepared a post that are PPP dogs or potentially dangerous dogs and what requirements are required to have one.


As strong as they have the jaw, we know from experience that dogs have a bigger heart!

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