4 Most Unpredictable Dog Breeds

The list of most unpredictable dog breeds: Often, choosing a pet, people focus only on their own preferences. Meanwhile, some dog breeds do not get along well with others and are not adapted to living in a living room due to the size or characteristics of the breed.

List of the Most Unpredictable Dog Breeds

According to dog handlers, they are the most unpredictable. With improper training or its absence, they can attack even the owner. Also, they are categorically not recommended to be kept in the apartment.

most unpredictable dog breeds

This list includes a Brazilian mastiff or Brazilian fila. In the apartment, they do not belong. These are great guards. This breed has a suspicious disposition and can show sudden aggression.

Brazilian Fila (Brazilian Mastiff)

most unpredictable dog breeds

Dogs of this breed are very loyal, but suspicious, are aggressive and have a hot temper. They are ideal guards for a private home, but absolutely not suitable as a pet.

Cane Corso

The ancestors of Cane Corsa participated in gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome. Dogs are devoted to the owner and clearly carry out all the commands. But with improper training or psychological trauma, they are very dangerous for others, even for the owner. The best place for them is also a private house, which they will guard with all care.

unpredictable dog

Cane Corso is the most unpredictable dog breeds whose ancestors participated in gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome. If this breed is not brought up correctly, there may be a threat to others and to the owner himself.

Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)

The breed was bred in Japan specifically for dog fights. Accordingly, breeders cultivated fighting qualities in dogs. With proper training, the dog is absolutely loyal to the owner and has a relatively calm character.

most unpredictable dog

At the same time, animals of this breed are very aggressive towards strangers and other animals in the house. Japanese mastiff is also on the list. This breed was bred in Japan to participate in dog fights. This breed can cause troubles to the owner due to aggressive behavior towards strangers.


Dogs of this African breed are characterized by a distinctive feature – rumbling instead of barking. Animals are also very hardy and practically do not get sick. 

unpredictable dog breeds

BasenjiOpens in a new tab. is a dog devoted to the owner, but not amenable to training. Hence the unpredictable behavior of the dog.

Attached to the owner, with strangers restrained, but without aggression. At the same time, they are very difficult to train and practically do not learn the rules of obedience.

Irrepressible curiosity and activity can be limited by the limits of the enclosure in a private house, and when kept in an apartment, the whole life of its inhabitants will be subordinated to the dog.


This breed is not aggressive, lends itself well to training, and most unpredictable dog breeds get along with people.

most unpredictable dog breeds

But hunting dogs for a normal life needs space and long walks with the ability to run. Can turn the apartment around, as this breed is hunting and needs to move a lot. The apartment will become a greyhound prison.

Given the impressive size and tremendous speed that greyhounds can develop, keeping in an urban environment is unlikely to be comfortable for the dog or its owner.

So these are the 4 most unpredictable dog breeds that are best not to turn your back on.

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