My Cat Doesn’t Love Me Anymore or Doesn’t Like

My Cat Doesn’t Love Me Anymore and Doesn’t Like Me What to do? If you have just received a cat and looking for the answer of my cat won’t come near me anymore or you have observed that it rejects you or if, on the contrary. You have lived harmoniously with your furry for a long time, but he has distanced himself from you and no longer loves you as before, you may feel confused and without many hopes that your feline can catch you, dear.

My Cat Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

My Cat Doesn't Love Me Anymore

It is not surprising since when we welcome a new member of our family, we want to be able to express our affection to him through pampering and games, and it can be counterproductive for our cat to distance himself from us.

For this reason, if you think that your cat does not love you and you want to know why and how to fix it, you are in the right place, since in this article by ThePetsAid, we can help you solve this situation.

My Cat Doesn’t Like Me

Cats are extremely social and loving animals, contrary to what many people may believe. However, they are not always equally receptive to our pampering and words of affection. Each of us has our own quirks and needs, but we all need our space from time to time, and this fact is no different in cats.

For this reason, if your cat rejects you sometimes, moving away from you when you sit next to him, jumping out of your arms when you catch him, and even getting to scratch or bite when you pet him, do not take it personally. Surely, through body language, my cat suddenly hates me The feline has asked you to leave him alone since at that moment he prefers to be alone and later he will come to you to ask you for pampering or to play with him.

However, the situation is usually slightly different if you have noticed that your cat does not love you as before. And it is that if you enjoyed a good relationship with your feline and suddenly he began to ignore you, and even to reject you, you should try to find out what has happened that justifies this abrupt change.

Why My Cat Won’t Come Near Me Anymore?

If you think that my cat doesn’t love me any more or has stopped loving you like before, it could be due to one of the following reasons. Next, we explain how to know if your cat does not want you by finding the cause that may be causing this rejection:

You Are Excessively Loving

Sometimes, the cats often shy away from us because our displays of affection are excessive. It is not strange since sometimes it is difficult to avoid the impulse to want to caress our furry! Even so, we must always respect the limits that we set ourselves so as not to overwhelm him; on the contrary, he could begin to distrust us, get angry, and hurt us.

Furthermore, we must understand that there are contexts in which we cannot disturb him. For example, would you like someone to wake you up without warning while you sleep peacefully? Surely you wouldn’t like it, and neither would your cat.

You Have Had a Negative Experience

Sometimes our feline may reject us because it has associated a negative experience with us. If we have punished our cat, which we should never do because he does not understand it and, therefore, we only managed to intimidate him without reason. As a result of this, we have noticed a change in his character.

It is possible that this is the reason for his rejection. Or, for example, if we have inadvertently harmed you by catching you, caressing you. You could also associate this very negative fact with our presence. For all these reasons, the cat has associated pain with which we have related to it.

You Still Have to Know Each Other

If you have recently welcomed your cat into your family, it is natural that he is still not completely confident with you. Many cats need time to adjust to their new home and members, and for this reason, until they learn that they are not in a hostile place, they will be insecure with their environment and contact with others. Each individual is unique and, therefore, there are more timid individuals than others.

Besides, many times we do not fully know the past of the animal that we have adopted, we can not know if it has suffered negative experiences such as mistreatment and, due to this, it may have developed a more suspicious character.

You Do Not Receive the Necessary Care

It could be that your cat is angry because his welfare is not completely covered. We understand that as guardians, we must guarantee our animal food, safety, and entertainment (social and environmental) so that it is comfortable. If, on the other hand, our animal did not exercise enough as a floor cat and we never played with it, it could feel stressed and behave in a hostile way, for example.

A Significant Change Has Occurred in Your Environment

Cats have a need to keep their environment under control to feel protected. Because of this, they are animals very susceptible to change. For this reason, if there has been a significant change in the home recently and the cat has not had enough time to adjust or has not done so adequately, it may have a more temperamental or scary character, as it feels I insecure.

It is not strange to hear people say, “I am pregnant, and my cat has stopped loving me” or “my cat has been hiding since we took another in at home,” for example. This occurs, as we say because the animal is stressed due to this change in its routine and needs to adapt to its new situation. Another situation in which it is totally common to feel that the cat has stopped loving us is after a vacation period. “I went on vacation, and my cat doesn’t love me” is a totally normal situation, and the reason is the same. The animal has undergone a very great change, the absence of its guide. And has been able to feel alone and even abandoned.

Not Feeling Well

In situations in which we observe a sudden change in the behavior of our animal, we must suspect that it may be because it is suffering from some pain or clinical pathology. In these cases, we should always take our pets to the vet.

What Do I Do If My Cat Doesn’t Love Me Anymore?

If your cat avoids being with you or directly rejects you, it is important that you try to understand what it is due to. As we have previously discussed, there are various causes for this to happen. Therefore, we show what to do if your cat does not want you in every situation:

Give It Time

In the event that your feline has recently arrived at the home. Give it time to familiarize itself with the environment and the other members of the house. It is necessary that you do not force him to live situations that could be threatening to him, since he still does not trust you and could become a negative experience, becoming counterproductive with his relationship with you.

We also recommend the use of a pheromone diffuser during this period, which will help your cat to feel more comfortable by facilitating the adaptation process. For more information on how the process of adapting your cat to the home is.

Relate to Him in a Positive Way

Now, if you and your cat have lived together for a long time. But he has never shown a special interest in relating to you or has lost confidence as a result of a bad experience. It would be best if you learned to relate to him in a pleasant way and to avoid excesses, like caressing him when he doesn’t want to or wanting to play with him at all hours.

You should then pay attention to how your cat feels before relating to it, try to understand it, and, besides, avoid that it is only you who starts the interaction every time. In other words, pay attention to the moments when your cat approaches you (for example, if your side lies down) and try to pet him at these times if he is receptive or gives him a gift so that he learns that you are someone interesting. Little by little, you will see how he will be more comfortable with you and will accept you better if you want to know more about how to improve your relationship with your furry.

Respect Your Personality

A very common mistake is to believe that the cat does not love its guardians because it is not as affectionate as other cats with their humans. Therefore, we must understand that, like us, each cat has its own characteristics and personality. Therefore, your cat does not have to be as loving or playful as the others. So, your cat is not affectionate with you does not have to mean that he does not love you because he probably loves you in his own way.

Enrich Your Environment and Guarantee Your Well-being

If you think that the behavior of your animal is due to the fact that it does not have its well-being covered, you should locate what is the focus and remedy it. You could be frustrated by a lack of entertainment in your day-to-day, and therefore you will have to guarantee an environmental enrichment and spend more time playing with it.

Or you could also feel insecure because a significant change has happened in your routine or at home, which will require respecting the animal’s adaptation time, without ever forcing it. In these cases, you can also try to help him by using a pheromone diffuser.

In both cases, you may notice other symptoms of stress in your cat that may corroborate that your cat’s well-being is faltering somewhere. Now, if you do not see an improvement or if you observe other serious symptoms, such as that the cat stops eating, you must take the animal to the vet to rule out any clinical pathology that may have altered its behavior.

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