Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds List of 2024

Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds List: Do you want to know which is the top 10 long-haired dog breeds? Dogs are classified according to their breed, size, colour, the type of task they can perform. But there is another type of classification, according to their coat (if they have long, short or semi-long hair). In this post, we are going to take a look at the fluffiest and hairiest pooches. Yes, those who stand out for their great hair will also learn some of their characteristics.

Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds List

Long-haired dogs are precious, and for thousands of years, they have dazzled humans with their different, elegant and distinguished appearance!

Long-Haired Dog Breeds

However, it is believed that there are more than 400 breeds of dogs in the world today, in fact, in the West, we do not know all the breeds on the planet, far from it! Many breeds are only known in their place of origin, and many are largely unknown to the general public.

So trying to name all the long-haired dog breeds in a single article would be totally impossible! We can learn about a few examples of long-haired dogs, especially the most popular long-haired dog breeds.

1. Yorkshire Terrier, small and long-haired

The Yorkie is a breed of a small long-haired dog since it does not usually exceed 3 kilos in weight. His hair is straight and straight, and if it is not trimmed, it can reach the ground.

That is why it is common to see them with a small ponytail on their forehead so that they do not lose vision. If you want to keep its coat long, it requires daily brushing to prevent knots.

If you prefer comfort, you can regularly cut her long hair until it is semi-long. He is an elegant and vivacious little boy. If you want to discover more about the Yorkshire terrier breed! click.

2. The poodle, with long curly hair

The poodle or poodle has soft, curly wool-like hair with very little tendency to fall out. His coat is easy to maintain, but you will need to give him a haircut from time to time because the poodle’s hair tends to grow without stopping. Find out more about poodle dogs.

3. Bichon Maltese, with long white hair

A mini dog in size but maxi in company, agility, and vitality! The Maltese breed is so versatile that it has been one of the most popular dogs for over a THOUSAND years!

4. Lasha Apso, her hair doesn’t stop growing!

At 8 or 9 kilos, this long-haired man has been living in Tibet for thousands of years.

Lasha Apso dogs have long hair that grows so long that it trails, making it appear that these dogs “levitate” or walk without stepping on the ground! This breed with long, fine, and silky hair needs daily brushing. Otherwise, it’s very long coat causes knots or “dreadlocks.” Learn here all the information about Lhasa Apso dogs.

5. The Bobtail, a large dog with long hair

Another long-haired dog, but this time a huge dog, shepherd, and British! The Bob Tail dog has long, fine white and pearl grey hair. It is true that he needs to be brushed regularly, but in exchange for your efforts, this long-haired breed sheds little!

Did you know that many Bob Tails do not naturally have a tail without being operated on? Learn about its history, characteristics, and curiosities about the Bobtail breed or old English shepherd.

6. Komondor, with long hair in dreadlocks

This is an unusual and somewhat unknown dog. Have you seen any Komondor? It is a large-sized Hungarian shepherd dog with long, ultra-curly hair that forms dreadlocks. The truth is that her hair looks a bit like the mops we use to clean the floor! – Know 5 curiosities about the strange komondor dog and its hair!

7. Spanish water dog

White, bicolour, or chocolate, the old Spanish Water Dog has long, curly hair, which can be combed into dreadlocks, like the Komondor. From him arose later, through some crosses, the poodle dog.

This incredible Spanish breed once worked as a retriever and herding dog, especially sheep and goats. His character is active, playful, tireless, balanced, and he goes crazy for water. If you love sports or go out to the countryside on weekends and you are looking for an affectionate dog, this is undoubtedly an excellent option.

8. Portuguese Water Dog

Like the Spanish Water Dog but smaller in size, the Portuguese Water Dog is also an ancient breed, once on the verge of extinction. Like the poodle, it has curly hair and very little tendency to fall out, so it is ideal if you do not like to pick up pet hair around your house.

9. Shi Tzu, with a long coat, does not shed hair.

An ancient breed originating in China is a good guard dog despite its size.

Shi Tzu is a good-natured dog, they don’t need a lot of exercises, and they shed very little! If you do not want to brush his long hair daily, you can always choose to wear it with a good haircut, since the short coat, although it does not look so good, is much easier to maintain.

10. Afghan greyhound, from the desert

This majestic animal is a hunting dog originally from Afghanistan. It is a breed with long, silky, and fine hair that needs a lot of attention and care, as it has a tendency to get tangled up a lot. Learn here everything about the beautiful Afghan hound.

Top 10 Small Long-Haired Dog Breeds

They are the mini, the little ones in the house, whose weight ranges between 3 and 10 kilos. The top 10 hairiest small breeds are:

  1. Yorkshire
  2. Lasha Apso
  3. Shi Tzu
  4. Maltese Bichón
  5. snapper haired chihuahua
  6. Pomerania
  7. Dachshund or long-haired dachshund
  8. miniature schnauzer
  9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  10. Pekinese

Top 10 Medium Long-Haired Dog Breeds

Their weight ranges between 10 and 24 kilos. In the group of medium dogs, the 10 most popular breeds are:

  1. Spanish water shepherd
  2. Portuguese Water Shepherd
  3. Poodles
  4. Puli
  5. Barbet
  6. Bearded Collie
  7. long-haired collie
  8. afghan hound
  9. Basque shepherd
  10. Catalan Shepherd

Top 10 Big Long Haired Dog Breeds

The largest, over 25 kilos. The top 10 long-haired large dogs are:

  1. Komondor
  2. Bobtail
  3. long-haired german shepherd
  4. Golden retriever
  5. Bernese Mountain Dog
  6. Irish setter
  7. Terranova
  8. Tibetan mastiff
  9. Chow chow
  10. Pastor de Brie