20 Gender Neutral Unisex Bird Names of 2024

Birds are fascinating creatures known for their diversity of colors, songs, and species. Just like the avian world, the bird names is vast and varied. For those who prefer unisex bird names for their feathered friends, we’ve curated a list of 20 names that carry unique meanings and origins.

Unisex Bird Names


  • Choose gender neutral unisex bird names that carry significance, adding a special touch to your pet’s identity.
  • Explore diverse origins, from Greek to Gaelic, for a name that reflects your bird’s unique personality.
  • Consider names like “Phoenix” for a mythical flair, infusing your bird’s character with a touch of magic.
  • Opt for creative names like “Skylar” or “Avery” to give your bird a standout identity.
  • Embrace gender-neutral names for birds of all kinds, celebrating the diversity in avian companionship.

20 Gender Neutral Unisex Bird Names for your bird

Whether you have a pet bird or simply love the idea of gender-neutral names, this list is sure to inspire.

SkylarScholar, EternalDutch
FinleyFair-haired warriorIrish
PhoenixMythical bird of rebirthGreek
RobinBright fameEnglish
AveryRuler of the elvesOld English
QuinnWise or intelligentGaelic
SageWise and judiciousLatin
RowanLittle red oneGaelic
TaylorTo cut or tailorEnglish
JordanTo flow down or descendHebrew
CameronCrooked noseScottish
MorganCircling seaWelsh
CaseyVigilant in warIrish
AlexDefender of the peopleGreek
SydneyWide islandOld French
DakotaAllies, friendsNative American Sioux
TaylorTo cut or tailorEnglish
AveryRuler of the elvesOld English

1. Skylar

This Dutch name means “scholar” or “eternal,” perfect for a bird representing everlasting wisdom.

2. Finley

Of Irish origin, Finley translates to “fair-haired warrior,” a name that exudes strength and beauty.

3. Phoenix

A mythical bird of rebirth in Greek mythology, Phoenix signifies renewal and immortality.

4. Robin

 This classic English name means “bright fame,” ideal for a bird that captures attention with its vibrant plumage.

5. Avery

Derived from Old English, Avery means “ruler of the elves,” a name that adds a touch of magic to your feathered companion.

6. Kai: Hawaiian for “ocean,” Kai is a gender-neutral name evoking the vastness and depth of the sea.

7. Quinn

Of Gaelic origin, Quinn means “wise” or “intelligent,” a fitting choice for a clever and perceptive bird.

8. Sage

With Latin roots, Sage embodies wisdom and judiciousness, making it a meaningful name for a thoughtful bird.

9. Rowan

Of Gaelic origin, Rowan means “little red one,” a delightful name for a bird with vibrant plumage.

10. Taylor

 This English name, meaning “to cut” or “tailor,” adds a touch of craftsmanship to your bird’s identity.

11. Jordan

With Hebrew origins, Jordan means “to flow down or descend,” symbolizing a bird’s graceful flight.

12. Riley

Of Irish origin, Riley translates to “courageous,” a name reflecting the bold spirit of many bird species.

13. Cameron

A Scottish name meaning “crooked nose,” Cameron has a unique charm that sets it apart.

14. Morgan: Of Welsh origin, Morgan translates to “circling sea,” a poetic choice for a bird that soars through the skies.

15. Casey

With Irish roots, Casey means “vigilant in war,” a name that suits a bird with keen instincts.

16. Alex

Derived from Greek, Alex means “defender of the people,” a strong and protective name for your feathered friend.

17. Sydney

Of Old French origin, Sydney means “wide island,” adding a touch of elegance to your bird’s identity.

18. Dakota

Inspired by Native American Sioux, Dakota means “allies” or “friends,” reflecting the bond between you and your bird.

19. Taylor

Repeating on the list, Taylor remains a popular English name with a sense of craftsmanship and precision.

20. Avery

Another repeat on the list, Avery’s Old English origin and meaning (“ruler of the elves”) make it a name that resonates with enchantment and grace.


Why should I choose a gender-neutral or unisex name for my bird?

Opting for a gender-neutral or unisex name allows for inclusivity and flexibility. It lets you focus on your bird’s unique characteristics and personality without being limited by traditional gender associations.

How do I know which name suits my bird’s personality?

Consider your bird’s behavior, colors, and unique traits. A name like Phoenix or Riley might be fitting if your bird is lively and vibrant. Alternatively, a more reserved bird could suit a name like Quinn or Sage.

Are these names culturally sensitive?

We’ve curated names from various cultures, aiming for inclusivity and respect. It’s always advisable to be aware of cultural nuances and choose names that resonate positively with you and your bird.

Should I consider the bird’s species when choosing a name?

While the species can influence the bird’s characteristics, the choice ultimately depends on your bird’s personality. Feel free to select a name that resonates with the specific qualities and traits you observe in your feathered friend.

How can I teach my bird its name?

Use positive reinforcement by associating the name with treats or praises. Repeat the name consistently in a calm and gentle tone, and over time, your bird will learn to recognize and respond to its name.

Are there any superstitions associated with bird names?

Superstitions vary across cultures. Focus on positive and meaningful associations with the name to cultivate a strong and loving bond with your bird.

Can I mix and match names from the list?

Feel free to get creative and combine elements from different names to create a unique, personalized name for your bird. Ensure the final name is easy for you and your bird to remember.

How do I ensure my bird likes its name?

Pay attention to your bird’s response when using the name. If it reacts positively or recognizes the name, it’s likely a good fit. If not, consider adjusting the name or observing your bird’s preferences.

Can I use a human name for my bird?

Yes, many bird owners choose human names for their pets. Just ensure that the name is easy to say and remember and suits your bird’s personality and characteristics.


Choosing a name for your bird is a delightful experience, and opting for a gender-neutral or unisex name adds an extra layer of creativity and inclusivity.

Each name on this list brings a unique combination of meaning and origin, ensuring that your feathered companion is not just a pet but a cherished member of your family with a name that holds significance.

Whether you have a parrot, canary, or finch, these names offer a diverse selection that caters to various personalities and characteristics among our avian friends.