What Dog Breed Kills the Most Humans? – (Statistics)

Dog bites can be a serious issue, and understanding the statistics behind fatal incidents is crucial for promoting responsible pet ownership and debunking misconceptions.

Man’s best friend, dogs, come in various breeds, each with its unique characteristics. However, some breeds have gained notoriety for being involved in fatal attacks. So, What dog breed kills the most humans?

What Dog Breed Kills the Most Humans


  • Pit bulls and their mixes are involved in 60% of fatal dog bites, with 196 pit bull-related deaths from 2010 to October 2023.
  • Texas and California have the most fatal dog attacks, highlighting regional differences in the risks associated with dogs.
  • The main culprits in fatal dog attacks are Pitbulls (185 deaths), Pitbull Mixes (41 deaths), and Rottweilers (26 deaths).
  • Responsible ownership and proper training are emphasized as crucial in preventing tragic incidents, challenging negative perceptions of certain breeds.
  • Children aged 0-4 account for 32% of fatal dog bite cases, emphasizing the need for awareness and precautions in households with young children and dogs.

The Situation with Pit Bulls

Pit bulls, in particular, have a reputation for aggressiveness, largely due to their historical use in dogfighting.

According to data compiled from 2010 to October 2023, a staggering 478 fatal dog bites occurred, with pit bulls and pit bull mixes accounting for a significant portion.

Out of these, 196 fatalities were attributed to pitbulls and an additional 49 to pit bull mixes. This accounts for approximately 60% of the total fatal incidents, making pit bulls the breed most frequently associated with such tragedies.

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So, Who is Responsible? The Owner or the Dog?

While these statistics might raise concerns about certain breeds, it’s crucial to consider the role of responsible pet ownership.

The question arises: Is the blame on the pet or the owner? Advocates for pit bulls argue that they can be friendly and people-oriented pets when well-bred and properly socialized.

To address the stigma surrounding pit bulls, resources and ideas on training them to be good family pets are available.

What dog breed kills the most humans?

What dog breed kills the most humans?

While many of us adore our furry friends, exploring the data on dog bite fatalities, especially those involving specific breeds is essential.

According to data from 2010 to October 2023, pit bulls are associated with the highest number of fatal dog attacks, responsible for 60% of the 478 reported fatalities.

Here, we’ll delve into the numbers and discuss the breeds most commonly associated with fatal incidents and the geographical and demographic factors at play.

Top 3 dog has killed the most humans

Breaking down the numbers, the top three breeds responsible for fatal dog attacks are as follows:

  1. Pitbull – 185 deaths
  2. Pitbull Mix – 41 deaths
  3. Rottweiler – 26 deaths
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Geographical Hotspots

Fatal dog bite incidents are not evenly distributed across the United States. Texas and California emerged as the states with the highest number of fatal dog attacks. The top five states for fatal dog bites are:

  1. California – 48
  2. Texas – 47
  3. Florida – 31
  4. North Carolina – 22
  5. Ohio – 21

Demographic Patterns

Examining the demographics of fatal dog bite victims reveals interesting patterns. According to age and sex distribution:

  • 32% of fatalities occurred in the age group 0-4
  • 13% were aged 75 and above
  • 10% were in the age group 5-9
  • 5.5% were aged 60-64
  • 5% were aged 50-54

Notably, the National Institutes of Health reported a rise in the number of children treated for dog bites since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Understanding the statistics surrounding fatal dog bites is essential for fostering a safer environment for both humans and their beloved pets.

While specific breeds, such as pit bulls, are associated with more fatalities, responsible ownership and proper training are crucial in mitigating risks.

By promoting education and awareness, we can work towards creating a society where both humans and dogs can coexist harmoniously.