Top 57 Best Dog Names That Start With ‘B’ of 2023

Dog Names With B

The best dog names that start with B: If the other day, we listed a lot of names of dogs and bitches that began with A, today it is the turn of those names of dogs and bitches that begin with B.

Choosing the Best Dog Names That Start With B of a dog or a bitch is one of the most difficult decisions, taking into account that we are going to call our dog that way an average of 12 years.

Dog Names That Start With B

There are people who decide to name their dog after movie characters, or according to some characteristic of his physique or temperament, or other famous dogs name, etc.

Dog Names That Start With B 

The list of Dog Names With B  that I have selected is based on little-known names, therefore original.

Choosing a good name for your puppy is very difficult. First of all, because there are many options to choose from, but also because it is a very important decision that will accompany you throughout life and because you have the pressure that your puppy deserves the best name. For this reason, we are going to limit the search to the dog names that start with B.

Top Cute Dog Names That Start With B

If you are thinking of adopting a new member of your family, we have to congratulate you. But, after the initial joy, you may now have to choose what you are going to call it.

To do this, at, we have put together a dictionary of names for dogs that will help you find inspiration. Choose the one you like the most for your puppy, either female or male, and teach him now).

1. Bruja

Surely your dog has you spellbound from the first time you saw her. It may be love at first sight or a spell! If that’s the case, your puppy needs a name like Bruja. If the puppy that you are going to bring home is a male, you can give him the male version of this name, which can be Warlock or Wizard.

Bruja has always had something mysterious that has always captivated us. It may be their ability to get our wishes or the fear of being hurt. The fact is that this name is perfect for the most magical dogs.

If you love fantasy and are looking for a nickname related to it for your dog, you will love all these dog names that we suggest.

2. Big

Although you can use this name in an ironic tone and put it to a cute and delicate Pomeranian, a nickname like Big is more suited to a large dog. And you should know that, although that goldie puppy that has just come home now does not lift a foot off the ground, it will not take long to start growing, a lot! When you want to realize it, your little baby will be a huge dog you can no longer even hold in your arms. Time to time!

If you are looking for a way to call that golden retriever puppy that is coming to your house very soon, these names will serve as inspiration. You will love it!

3. Betty

If you are looking for a very friendly and sweet name for your dog, you have to give her Betty. It is perfect for larger dogs such as Saint Bernard, but it can also greatly favor puppies of smaller breeds such as the Maltese.

It is a fun name that works as a diminutive for Elisabeth or Beatriz, two much more serious names that you can use with your pet when you get angry with her. But, be careful with this strategy because calling your dog in very different ways can end up confusing her.

That dog that is about to arrive at your house deserves a name as cute or more than Betty. Look at the face to see if it favors you!

4. Blas

There is no doubt that Blas is a short and very sonorous name, so it perfectly conveys the personality of those small dogs that do not stop barking. If your puppy is one of them, he will feel very identified with this nickname.

Attention to this name! Some trainers and owners use the word ‘platz’ to make dogs sit or lie on the ground. If this is your case, we advise against giving your pet a name like Blas since these two words sound very similar. As a consequence, it will be more difficult for your pet to differentiate the sounds. You will think that he does not listen to you or that he is very stupid and cannot learn his own name. However, he can most likely not distinguish when you want him to lie down and when you call him.

Blas is a nice name, but we have many more name ideas that might suit male dogs. You won’t be able to keep just one!

5. Bala

Is your puppy faster than a bullet? There are breeds of dogs that run a lot: the pointer, the greyhound, the English setter. They all get a name like Bala, which perfectly reflects their way of being in addition to being the funniest thing.

Bala’s name is easy to pronounce, making it perfect for pets in families where young children are still beginning to speak. It will also be very easy for your own dog to learn.

If you give your dog a name like this, don’t be surprised if every time you go to the park, take the opportunity to run like crazy!

6. Bowie

Any David Bowie fans out there waiting for a puppy to come home? What are you waiting for to decide on a name like Bowie! Pay your humble tribute to one of the rock stars who will always be shining in the sky and give your pet a funny name like this.

As David is a much less original name, it is even possible that you have a David at home (and in that case, we would recommend that you never use a repeated name). Bowie becomes a very successful option to call your pet. People will go crazy when you yell at your dog in the park.

Bowie is a good name for playful and mischievous puppies, but all of them could also be strongly identified with these other rock-inspired dog names.

7. Bat

The Aztec dog, the Doberman, the pinscher, There are many breeds of dogs that are black. For all of them, a name like Bat would be perfect. If we translate Bat from English, it means bat. Wouldn’t you like to call your pet by this name?

Did you know that in China, bats represent happiness and prosperity? Therefore, this winged mouse is an amulet that brings the best to the people around it. What better amulet than your own pet? Put your name on it, and fortune may start to be more on your side!

But, in addition, bats are one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. If you would like to be able to celebrate this holiday every day of the year, you have to give your dog a name related to it. We propose some very original ones!

If these names have not convinced you too much, here are some more for both dogs and female dogs. If you haven’t yet come up with the perfect nickname for your dog, you can always think about looking for names that start with another letter. Congratulations on your puppy! Take good care of him!

List of Names for Male and Female Dogs That Begin With B

Names for Male Dogs Starting With B

Dog Names Beginning With B Female

8. BOBO 33. BABE
14. BIMBO 39. BLUE
17. BONO 42. BUNNY
20. BIG 45. BARBIE
23. BILLY 48. BIBI
29. BANG 54. BETTY
31. BLUES 56. BAND

How to Decide on a Dog Name

I always recommend making a selection of the names that you liked the most and writing it down on a sheet.

Once you have chosen those names that you like the most, do a survey among your family and friends asking them to choose the name or the two names that they like the most for your dog or bitch and, in this way, it will be easier for you to choose by a specific dog name.

Which one do you prefer?

If you can think of more names of dogs and bitches, please, comment me with a comment to include it in the list.

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