54 PAWsome Paw Patrol Dog Names of 2024

The best Paw Patrol Dog Names: Paw Patrol is still one of the most popular children’s shows since its debut in 2013. If your kids love animals, especially cute puppies, they are sure to love PAW Patrol!

Whether you are here to follow your children’s interests or to find the best PAW Patrol dog names for a new addition to your family, we are here with the names of all the PAW Patrol characters.

We even ranked them in order of popularity, thanks to The Top Ten.

With that embarrassment out of the way, and without further ado, let’s dive into the PAW Patrol character names. Get ready, get… get wet!

Ranked: Top 10 Most Popular Paw Patrol Dog Names

Paw Patrol Dog Names

1. AcecharThe number 1 spot goes to Chase the German Shepherd, Police and Traffic Officer, and a super-spy dog. After Ryder, he was the first team member and seemed to be the most responsible of all the cubs. “Chase is on the case!”
2. MarshallThis Dalmatian puppy is possibly the cutest and clumsy! – team member. A versatile firefighting pup with a matching hose and ladder. “Ready for a ruff-ruff rescue!”
3. AkyeThe original puppy! It’s a shame there was only one female lead character this early, but this Flying Cockapoo’s bravery knows no bounds. “This girl has to fly!”
4. RocosoThe king of recycling! Rocky is a mixed breed puppy who is always on hand to represent the green team, with a cheery line like “Don’t miss it, repurpose it!” to inspire future saviors of the planet. Don’t put it in water!
5. ZumaWater Brave character that is this dog! Seriously, water is your domain, and with quotes like “Let’s dive!” and “Prepare, prepare, wet,” you can see why.
6. RubbleRubble is the tough, tough-looking Bulldog that is truly a great softie. He is in charge of everything related to construction and excavation. “Double debris!”
7. EverestEverest came in as the team’s second cub in season 2 (a smart move from the producers). She is a Husky who handles snow and mountain-related tasks.
8. RyderRyder is the leader of the team. He created the Paw Patrol, designed all the gadgets, vehicles, and clothes, and he’s only 10 years old! “Whenever you are in trouble, cry out for help!”
9. TrackerTracker is a chihuahua with excellent hearing and a jeep who lives in the jungle with Carlos. He joins the team as the eighth member of the second half of season 3. “I’m all ears!”
10. HumdingerInterestingly, the villainous mayor of Foggy Bottom and boss of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew is much more popular than the mayor of Adventure Bay. Who knows!

Less Popular Paw Patrol Dog Names

Popular Paw Patrol Dog Names

Many other characters are on the popular children’s show, most of whom are on the list. You will find the rest in the next section!

For now, here are positions 11 to 42.

11. ChickalettaThe chicken from Mayor Goodway’s bag. She is always getting into tough situations and is usually a side quest for the pups.
12. Cap’n TurbotCaptain Horation Turbot is Francois’s cousin and the most frequent recipient of PAW Patrol aid. He is the Marine of Adventure Bay and falls from one accident to another.
13. Candy This cute White Terrier is the mascot of the Princess of Barkingburg. She enters the Mission PAW subseries as the main antagonist, attempting a coup in Barkingburg.
14. Robo-Dogesigned by Ryder and made with the help of Rocky, Robo-Dog is basically a glorified driver, but to his credit, he can drive/drive just about any vehicle. As long as your antenna is not damaged, in that case, you take the risk!
15 KatieKatie is Adventure Bay’s veterinarian and pet sitter who pampers the puppies. Your cat’s name is Cali.
16. ArrbySid’s pirate dog, Arrby, is a Daschund and an excellent thief, but he does well with the Paw Patrol.
17 Alex PorterAlex is the grandson of Mr. Porter, he is 5 years old, and he is always ready to help the Paw Patrol, although he usually ends up being rescued!
18. FrancoisAs stereotypically French as you could make a character. Francois is an artist and zoologist and loves nature photography alongside his cousin, Captain Turbot.
19. RexRex is the dinosaur of the Paw Patrol. He enters the mix in season 7, where he can communicate with dinosaurs. He is also the first character with a disability!
20. JakeA responsible and relaxed climber. He lives with Everest and runs a ski resort, often involved in snowy mountain rescues.
21. Apollo the Super PupA superhero on a show that puppies watch.
22 Daring Danny X10-year-old daredevil and stunt pilot. Inspired by a Ryder Double made on his ATV.
23. Mer-pup Seemingly mythical, the canine version of the mermaids appeared in episode 13 of season 2.
24. PliegueOne of the Mighty-Twins and PAW Patrol members from season 6, when the team met the villain Joaninha.
25. EllaThe second half of the Mighty-Twins.
26. Walley Of course, there is a ‘Walley Walrus.’ He’s often found in the waters of Adventure Bay, Captain Turbot wants him, and Ryder understands his barking!
27. Sylvia the Super ShepherdA supporting character, appearing in the Adventure Bay sheep herding competition against Chase as last year’s winner.
28. TravisTraveling Travis is an explorer known for going the wrong way and misidentifying animals. Enter the story of season 6.
29. Farmer YumA regular character and one of the Adventure Bay farmers, who grow apples, carrots, and pumpkins, among other crops. She marries Farmer Al in Season 2.
30. CaliKatie’s pet cat has a tendency to get into a tight spot and then panic, making PAW Patrol rescues a bit more challenging.
31. Ace SorensenShe is the stunt pilot who pilots the plane. Amelia and is Skye’s role model.
32. Mayor GoodwayChickaletta, owner and mayor of Adventure Bay, although she Of Truth I should not be so uncommon sense considering having a child and 10 years (Ryder) basically makes decisions for her! Still, he’s a good person.
33. Sr. PorterOwner of the Adventure Bay restaurant, and Alex’s grandfather. According to Alex, he fixes a lot of things with duct tape.
34. The CopycatA cat that can mimic the powers of others with the meteor from the Mighty Pups series.
35. Precious A kitten stranded at sea in a toy boat and then rescued by, yes, the Paw Patrol! The name of its owner is unknown.
36 WalindaThe guards Wally’s partner and mother of his cubs.
37. Princess of Barkingburg
A good girl destined to become Queen of Barkingburg. She owns Sweetie, the mischievous puppy who has his own plans for the crown.
38. Uncle OtisMayor Goodway’s uncle and a seeker.
39. Muu MuuA fan-fiction character who has hit the popularity charts!
40. MariquitaAn extremely vain villain who steals shiny things to admire his reflection. She calls the stolen items her “reflection collection.”
41. AlaskaAnother fan-fiction character that entered the popularity rankings!
42. Julius GoodwaySon of Gustavo Goodway, twin of Julia, and niece of Mayor Goodway.Character Bio

Unclassified Supporting Characters

These are usually characters with a small role to play, who haven’t made it to the rankings but are still part of the show, so of course, it’s worth mentioning!

Paw Patrol Dog

Here are the unclassified PAW Patrol character names!

43. Sid Swashbuckle: As far as Paw Patrol names go, he’s in our top 3! Sid is a pirate who tends to steal things with his dog Arrby.

44. Carlos – Jungle Ryder’s mail order friend and Tracker’s partner.

45. Wild Cat – He’s the first cat in the Paw Patrol, and he’s a stunt rider!

46. Julia Goodway – Former Justina Goodway, daughter of Gustavo Goodway, twin of Julius, and niece of Mayor Goodway.

47. The cheetah: Mayor Humdinger’s cousin, is a menace who delights in acts of cowardice.

48. Harold Humdinger: The mayor’s tech-savvy nephew.

49. The Kitty Catastrophe Crew:Or the kit-tastrophe Crew, are basically the Anti-Paw Patrol. Seven evil cats and two humans who carry out the orders of Mayor Humdinger.

50. Mindy Moo: A cow who lives with farmers Yumi and Al.

51. Bessie and Edwena: Farmer Al’s two cows.

52. Liberty: A curious, lively, and courageous long-haired dachshund who admires the Paw Patrol.

53. Farmer Al– The owner and operator of the Moo Juice dairy farm in Adventure Bay. He marries Farmer Yumi in Season 2.

54. Emma and Corny – Two pigs from Al Farmer who love each other very much.

How Do I Pick a Good Dog Name? Dog Name Guide

Do you have a dog that is your own hero pup? So it’s only fair that you name them after another hero, like one of the PAW Patrol pups!

Paw Patrol Dog

Follow this advice on the name of the dog and you will not go wrong! How to choose a dog’s name:

  • A short name is better: One or two syllables are much easier for your dog to learn and for you to say. Again. And again!
  • Choose a name that does not sound similar to any of the commands you will use, such as “sit down, stay, come”, and so on.
  • Say it out loud many times in an instruction like “Skye, dinner!” or “Come on, Rocky!” before deciding on it. Imagine yelling in public.

If you follow these three steps, you are on your way to picking a perfect dog names!

How many PAW Patrol dogs are there?

The PAW Patrol names on this list include all of the characters and are generally ranked on a popularity ranking.

Paw Patrol Dogs

We hope that you are now a little more informed about the characters and the names of the puppies than before.


In recent years, the Paw Patrol is one of the most successful children’s television cartoons involving these adorable animals. However, many people already know it, just in case we are going to explain what it consists of.

Paw Patrol, is an animated series for children that narrates the adventures of Ryder, the main protagonist, along with his puppies of different breeds of dogs that make up the patrol. In each episode, they face different problems that they can solve thanks to each team member’s different abilities and characteristics.

As you can see, it is, therefore, a great choice to take this show into account when choosing the name of your future pet, especially if there are children at home who are fans of the series, as they will be delighted to have one of the members of their favorite series at home.

But how do you choose the best paw patrol dog names? In the following sections, we will give you all the necessary information to choose the best name based on the characteristics of your pet.

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