Top 8 Dogs That Can Kill a Pitbull – (Head to Head)

Dogs That Can Kill a Pitbull

Before we delve into this article, we must emphasize that we are not advocating or condoning dog fights. This discussion is hypothetical, aiming to explore various dog breeds’ physical attributes and capabilities.

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a breed with a rich history and diverse talents, ranging from being a loyal companion to participating in sports like weight pulling and agility.

Top 8 dogs that can kill a pitbull – What dog is stronger than a Pitbull?

However, there are other breeds that, due to their size, strength, and unique characteristics, could give a Pit Bull a run for its money in a hypothetical showdown.

1. Rottweiler


Who will win pitbull or Rottweiler? Rottweilers are often seen as formidable dogs because of their imposing size and powerful build.

While both Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are labeled as “dangerous breeds,” it’s essential to remember that aggression varies from dog to dog.

Rottweilers possess greater strength and bite force than Pit Bulls, and their aggressive nature and sharp canines could give them an upper hand.

The Rottweiler’s large size and powerful build give it a significant advantage in a physical confrontation. The Rottweiler could inflict serious damage on a Pit Bull with its aggressive nature and sharp canines.

Its superior bite force and strength make it a formidable opponent that could overpower a Pit Bull in a fight.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs originated from Tibet and were bred as guard dogs for livestock and property. These massive dogs possess a size advantage over Pit Bulls, which could play a crucial role in a hypothetical confrontation.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s thick coat and sturdy build make it a physically imposing opponent and its inherent protective instincts might give it an edge.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s massive size and protective instincts make it a formidable opponent for a Pit Bull. Its thick coat and sturdy build provide protection, and its history as a guard dog suggests it’s not one to back down easily.

While not as agile as a Pit Bull, the Tibetan Mastiff’s size and strength could compensate for its lack of speed.

3. Presa Canario

With a reputation for being a tough and imposing breed, the Presa Canario stands out due to its size and strength. Presas are significantly larger than Pit Bulls and have been known to inflict serious wounds with their bites.

Their temperament demands attention, and their potential to cause harm to humans could make them formidable opponents.

The Presa Canario’s larger size than a Pit Bull gives it a clear advantage. Known for its imposing appearance and powerful bite, the Presa Canario can inflict serious wounds with its bites.

Its aggressive temperament and the potential to cause harm to humans could make it a more dangerous opponent in a fight.

4. Boerboel


A crossbreed between a mastiff and a bulldog, the Boerboel boasts an impressive combination of size, agility, and protective instincts.

Boerboels have historically been used to guard against lions, showcasing their tenacity and courage. Their sheer size and ferocity could tip the scales in a hypothetical match against a Pit Bull.

The Boerboel’s unique combination of size, agility, and protective instincts makes it a contender in a hypothetical fight.

Developed from mastiffs and bulldogs, Boerboels have a history of guarding against large predators like lions.

Their sheer size, strength, and protective and courageous nature could make them a tough opponent for a Pit Bull.

5. Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai)

The Central Asian Shepherd, or Alabai, is known for its strength and resilience. While slower and bulkier than a Pit Bull, an Alabai’s physical power could potentially compensate for its lack of speed.

Their size advantage and thick skin are advantageous in a battle of strength.

The Alabai’s physical strength and size advantage could give it an edge over a Pit Bull. While slower and bulkier, the Alabai’s thick skin and substantial mass offer protection and resilience.

When an Alabai is well-hunted and angry, its physical strength and mass could help it overcome a Pit Bull’s agility and energy.

6. Kangal

Considered one of the most potent livestock guardian dogs in the world, the Kangal Dog hails from Turkey. Kangals are renowned for their incredible bite force and imposing size, often twice as large and stronger than Pit Bulls.

With the strongest bite force among all breeds, Kangals could overpower a Pit Bull with a single, powerful bite.

Can a pitbull beat a Kangal? No, a pitbull cannot beat a Kangal. The Kangal Dog’s reputation as a powerful livestock guardian is well-deserved. With its incredible bite force, immense size, and strength, the Kangal has the potential to overpower most opponents, including Pit Bulls.

Its bite force of over 700 PSI is the highest among all dog breeds, and its imposing size and power could lead to a swift victory in a hypothetical fight.

7. Dogo Argentino – Can Dogo Argentino beat Pitbull?

Yes, it is likely that a Dogo Argentino could beat a Pitbull in a hypothetical confrontation.

The Dogo Argentino’s significantly higher bite force of up to 500 pounds per square inch compared to the Pitbull’s bite force of around 235 pounds per square inch gives the Dogo Argentino a distinct advantage in terms of sheer physical power.

While a Pitbull might possess other strengths and qualities, the Dogo Argentino’s superior bite force could potentially give it an upper hand in a direct encounter.

8. Akita – Can a Akita beat a pitbull?

Akita - Can a Akita beat a pitbull?

The Akita would likely have the advantage in a hypothetical battle between a Pit Bull and an Akita. This is due to several factors that contribute to the Akita’s potential victory. Akitas possess a powerful bite force (PSI) of 400, almost double that of a Pit Bull.

To put this into perspective, humans can only withstand around 50 psi. The Akita’s size, strength, and historical use in hunting larger game such as boars and even bears indicate its capability to handle formidable opponents.

Who will win a German shepherd or Pitbull?

The German Shepherd has a slightly stronger bite of 238 psi compared to the Pitbull’s bite strength of 235 psi. However, in terms of pulling strength, the Pitbull is superior and dominates in pulling competitions.

Can a person defeat a pitbull?

Yes, a fit human adult, if willing to let a Pitbull grab their arm and with the right technique, could potentially break the Pitbull’s neck or crush its throat. However, this would be a dangerous and physically demanding action that would also likely injure the person.  

Conclusion: What breeds can beat the Pitbull?

It’s important to reiterate that this article explores hypothetical scenarios and doesn’t promote any form of dog fighting. The qualities and characteristics of various dog breeds can vary widely, and individual factors influence every dog’s temperament.

While the American Pit Bull Terrier has its strengths and talents, these other breeds possess unique attributes that could give them an upper hand in a hypothetical confrontation. Every dog deserves respect, proper care, and responsible ownership.

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