How Long Are German Shepherds Pregnant – (Week by Week)

Discover How Long Are German Shepherds Pregnant: Welcoming a new generation of furry friends into the world is an exciting and heartwarming journey. German Shepherds, known for their intelligence and loyalty, have a pregnancy timeline spanning several weeks, each holding unique developments.

How Long Are German Shepherds Pregnant?

German Shepherds are pregnant for about 63 days, spanning over nine weeks. Here’s a simplified week-by-week breakdown of a German Shepherd’s pregnancy:

Week-by-week breakdown


  • Week 1: Hormonal changes after mating, no visible changes.
  • Week 2: Behavioral changes, fertilized eggs travel for implantation.
  • Week 3: Mood swings, appetite changes, breast development.
  • Week 4: Veterinary examination, ultrasound to detect pregnancy.
  • Week 5: Embryo formation, organs and tissues develop.
  • Week 6: Fetal development, claws start to grow.
  • Week 7: Check-up, hair growth, bone development.
  • Week 8: Teats swell, lactation begins, prepare for birth.
  • Week 9: Puppies ready for birth, create a comfortable whelping area.

Here, we’ll take you through a week-by-week journey of a German Shepherd’s pregnancy, providing valuable insights into the changes and preparations required during this remarkable period.

Week 1: The Beginning

During the first week after mating, subtle but significant changes occur in your German Shepherd. While no visible physical or behavioral changes might be noticeable, hormonal shifts are taking place behind the scenes. At this point, continue caring for your dog as usual.

Week 2: Mood Swings and Early Changes

Entering the second week, you might observe behavioral changes in your dog, such as moodiness or increased affection. This results from the fertilized eggs making their journey to the womb for implantation. While external changes are minimal, these early signs of pregnancy hint at the transformative process taking place within.

Week 3: The Start of Transformation

Week three marks the beginning of visible changes. Mood swings, shifts in appetite, and the onset of breast development become evident. Though the routine remains mostly unchanged, if your dog’s appetite increases, consider a slight adjustment in her diet.

Week 4: Professional Examination

Around day 25, having your German Shepherd examined by a veterinarian is crucial. An ultrasound during this week can detect pregnancy and provide insights into litter size and any potential complications. This professional assessment ensures the well-being of both the mother and future pups.

Week 5: Embryogenesis and Growth

Week five marks a critical stage in pregnancy known as embryogenesis. Organs and tissues begin forming in the embryos, and their weight can increase by up to 75 pounds. This week’s growth sets the foundation for the puppies’ development.

Week 6: Fetal Development Peaks

The sixth week sees the peak of fetal development. Puppies’ skeletons solidify, and their claws start to grow. This period signifies a transition from initial growth to more defined features.

Week 7: Continued Monitoring

In week seven, another visit to the veterinarian is recommended. It’s essential to ensure the puppies grow hair and develop bones. Regular check-ups help identify any potential issues and provide peace of mind for a successful pregnancy.

Week 8: Preparing for Birth

Around day 50, the puppies are almost ready for birth. Your German Shepherd’s teats will swell, and lactation may begin. Top priorities are ensuring a comfortable whelping area and being prepared for the upcoming birthing process.

Week 9: The Final Countdown

By the ninth week, the puppies are ready for birth, which can happen on any day. Your whelping area should have towels and blankets for insulation and fluid absorption. Stay vigilant and supportive for a smooth birthing experience as the moment approaches.


The journey of a German Shepherd’s pregnancy is filled with gradual transformations and moments of anticipation. As you progress through each week, remember to provide the care, attention, and support that your beloved dog needs. Preparing for the arrival of a new generation of adorable German Shepherd puppies is a heartwarming experience that strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion.