Are Ham Bones Safe for Dogs? or Be Treated?

Can dogs be treated with ham? are ham bones safe for dogs?: Dogs are omnivores; strangely enough, it sounds. In the sense that they will readily swallow everything that you kindly offer them.

are ham bones safe for dogs

And sometimes it’s not necessary to offer: often the most inedible things and objects get into the stomach of the dogs. One can only guess what exactly prompted the animals to check their gastronomicOpens in a new tab. qualities.

Are Ham Bones Safe for Dogs?

Today let’s talk about ham – a delicious product for a person, just a minute. We take the liberty of assuming that your dog will experience genuine pleasure if something falls into it. But what will happen next? Are ham bones safe for dogs?

Why is Ham Harmful to the Health of Dogs?

You are now, of course, surprised, but the ham will really do harm. It would seem, why – because ham is rich in protein, is of great nutritional value. However, this value is minimized by excessively high-fat content.

Ham is one of the fattest meat products found on the shelves. And dogs are often unable to absorb and digest this fat. As with us, humans, excess fat is bad for the health of dogs. Of course, a certain amount of fat in the daily diet must be present.

But all the fat necessary for maintaining health is already contained in the finished feed that you get for your pet.

Ahead are the main holidays of the year. Of course, you will not deny yourself the pleasure of putting slices of aromatic ham on the festive table. Be vigilant: your four-legged friend quickly learns them and will immediately accept a fighting stance. Do not indulge!

Better yet, warn your compassionate guests so that they don’t try to stick the tidbits under the table to the dog secretly.

There is another important “harmful” aspect – a high sodium content in ham. Especially a lot of sodium in canned “canned” ham, which, by the way, we all willingly buy.

Excess sodium in the dog’s body will lead to vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, increased urination, and other undesirable symptoms. In the most severe cases, irreversible changes in the kidneys, convulsions, and even death are possible. We do not think that this prospect will seem attractive to you.

We have one more bad news in store: you must absolutely not give ham on the shank. Regrettably sounds.

What to Do if Your Dog Ate Ham Anyway?

It is not necessary to panic right away: if your pet intercepted a piece or two, then this is not scary. It should not be just “out of good intentions” to feed the dog with ham and shanks constantly, replacing the usual balanced food.

Now you already know what sad consequences these gastronomic excesses will lead.

Ahead of the holidays, it is likely that already now. You have begun to think through the menu of the festive table. And this means that the culinary temptations in your home will increase!

It is clear that you cannot keep track of everything that happens. We ask you one thing: watch your pet carefully. He noticeably became sad, and there is diarrhea or vomiting – do not wait until it “passes by itself,” but rather contact your veterinarian. No need to spoil the festive mood with all kinds of excesses!

As you can see, there is no urgent need to feed your pet ham. Do you want to just pamper him? Not a question: go to the nearest pet store and choose a high protein dog treat. They are designed specifically for dogs and tailored to their body’s needs!

Did you think there were any problems? Then contact your treating veterinarian as soon as possible.

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