5 Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd in 2023

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The best dog food for Australian shepherd: Food is an important element for the good health of an Australian Shepherd. In fact, feeding your Australian Shepherd properly means keeping it alive for a long time. It also means allowing you to build better muscles and strengthen your bones and joints. And although your Australian Shepherd likes to eat well, there is no reason to leave him with food to swallow.

The Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd

So that your Australian Shepherd doesn’t get too fluffy or too full, it will be enough to give you a healthy and, of course, a well-balanced diet. Then you will have to ask yourself two questions: what type of food will be most appropriate for your Australian Shepherd?

What kind of food to prepare for the Australian Shepherd?

raw meat (barf), homemade food, croquettes? This study will allow you to locate yourself better and then define which one will be the Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd or the best diet for your Australian Shepherd.

Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd

Welcome, dog lover. I know you want to know useful tips on how to feed your Australian cattle herder. Here you will find the two types of feeding accepted in dog feeding. Plus, 1 of my Australian Shepherds’ favorite recipes.

Natural Biological Food

This diet is based on returning to the natural to the old customs when the world was greener and cleaner. So the goal here is for our dog to eat as little processed and natural as possible. Taking into account that a cattle herder is an opportunistic carnivore, the range of foods that we can give him is quite wide without this influencing his physical and physiological performance. 

The Australian shepherd on time being related to the dingoes in is able to assimilate this natural way of eating much better

The protocol of a biology feeding is usually the following: provide the dog with all the macronutrients, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates incorrect percentages according to the dog’s age and the amount of physical activity it performs.

Commercial Feed

This is the easy option to feed our Australian cattle herder. If you are a novice in dog breeding, probably with feed is how you feed your partner.

I am against this form of feeding since the quality of each feed varies greatly depending on the brand of the product but in general. They are all ultra-processed and harmful. In the long run, they will end up tearing up our Australian cattle herder.

As owners responsible for the health of our dogs. We have to make sure that we always provide them with the best of the best. Because if we make the decision to have a breed dog. We must also have the ability to buffer your diet with quality ingredients.

I know that the feed is within our pockets, but even so, giving them dry and hard food that, in the long term, causes ulcers, colon cancer, diabetes, and hypertension to our most beloved companion, it would not be fair for him.

Let’s love our Australian Cattle Herders and bring them the best in the long term. They will thank us with a long and disease-free life.

Balancing BARF meals

There are mixtures to complete the BARF diet and thus achieve a good balance.

1. AniForte Barf Complete Special for BARF

It is a 100% natural food supplement for dogs that are at barf. This product will add the mineral salts as well as all the other nutritional elements that your Australian Shepherd needs daily to stay in excellent health.

You will prepare your menus according to the types of meat and the recommended doses according to the age of your Australian Shepherd and then according to their weight and then add a dose of this food supplement.

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Most Australian Shepherd owners are completely satisfied with the food supplement. They write that the ingredients are digested correctly by their four-legged partner. The very strong smell of grass is not a problem for employees. However, some users wrote that the dosage indications were insufficient.

2. Barf in a 21 kg package of Frost Frozen Complete Frost

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The option »frozen product» offers you the possibility of storing some pieces of meat so that you always have a solution for solving problems. This way, if you no longer have enough raw meat in your fridge, you simply go to the freezer to get your supplies.

3. HILL’s croquettes

These kibbles are recommended to promote the active mobility of your Australian Shepherd and preserve your joints in excellent health.

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These molecules, especially eicosapentaenoic acids, promote better joint health. Its antioxidants neutralize free radicals but also support the immune system of the Australian Shepherd.

4. PROPLAN croquettes

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Complete and well balanced, these kibbles are recommended for adult dogs of medium and large breeds. Australian ShepherdS like them a lot, simply because they have a double composition that mixes tender and crisp pieces.

5. ROYAL CANIN croquettes

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Fully adapted to large adult dogs to keep Olympic dogs in shape, they will enjoy an Optimal Digestive Safety formula to preserve better digestibility. Specially designed for adult large breed dogs, these kibbles will help keep joints strong using a natural source of glucosamine, but also chondroitin sulfate.

Domestic Food or Homemade Food?

It will be a diet made from foods from your own diet (meat, vegetables, fish). For example, what is left of your dinner, the dishes you are going to prepare for your Australian Shepherd using what you will have in the refrigerator, or canned food.

Homemade Food Benefits

With its great diversity, it is healthy and adapts to the needs of your Australian ShepherdOpens in a new tab..

Disadvantages of Home Cooking

If you choose to reserve leftovers for your Australian Shepherd. It is still quite difficult to cook balanced “home” menus in terms of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and then mineral salts. Lastly, you should know that if you train your Australian Shepherd to eat only our food, it is predictable that he will not tolerate kibble very well the day you provide it to him. 

Industrial Food or Kibbles

Benefits of Kibble

Speed ​​and simplicity

Because normally we don’t have enough time or motivation to cook a real meal every day with meat, vegetables, cereals for your partner. The croquettes are the ideal solution because all you have to do is estimate the part, and your food is ready!

Ensuring nutritional balance

Feeding your Australian Shepherd with kibbles will prevent you from making nutritional but also quantitative mistakes. In addition, this mode of feeding is the guarantee of sanitary quality (not a single microbe or any bacteria).

Storage and prices

The kibble bags keep for a long time when they are not opened and can allow storage of more than three months without any problem. Also, it is without a doubt the cheapest food of all.

Disadvantages of kibbles

You don’t know exactly what this food is made of. Is there enough protein, nutrients? Too much cereal? To understand everything about the quality of the croquettes, but also to know which ones are the most suitable for your Australian Shepherd, read our article: what are the best croquettes for Australian shepherd?

What food to choose for your Australian Shepherd?

After comparing the different advantages and disadvantages of the three different types of food for your AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD SHEPHERD, it appears that kibble food is the best choice for most Australian Shepherd owners. It is, in effect, the only type of food that can combine the practical, fast, and very simple side with the requirements of rationing, balance, and nutritional quality.

What kibbles to feed your Australian Shepherd?

I suggest you see the following article: the best dog food for Australian shepherds to have many more details about the proposed croquettes.


Also, our article summarizes comparative studies, testimonials from owners, and also recommendations from professionals in the canine world to highlight the best brands on the market.