List of The 20 Most Beautiful Dogs

List of the Most Beautiful Dogs: There are no photos that trigger more the index of amorousness and desire to say, “oh, what a monkey it is” than the puppies. They are irresistible and really sweet. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t smile at the picture of a puppy. Think about it for a second, do you know anyone?

List of the Most Beautiful Dogs

Likewise, for adults and the elderly, dogs never lose that characteristic “sweetness,” and we know that all dogs are adorable and tender. But are there most beautiful dogs than others? Surely in your eyes, your pet will be the prettiest and most beautiful in the world, but in this new article of The Pets Aid, we present you with the most beautiful dogs, the complete list!

All Dogs Are Pretty

Before starting with a very complete list of most beautiful dogs, we must ask you not to be offended if you do not see your dog mentioned in this list. It does not mean that it is not beautiful, surely you drop the drool every time you mention it and caress it.

The truth is that ThePetsAid is characterized by its animalistic content and in favor of the adoption of adult dogs. Elderly and puppies always before the purchase, regardless of the breed that the dog has.

All dogs are handsome, and all are filled with love and affection to give you. 

Therefore, never guide yourself to adopt a dog if it is more beautiful or not than another. Go to a shelter and see how much he needs to get out of there: he will thank you for the rest of your life loving you like no one else.

In ThePetsAid, we make a small selection of the most beautiful dogs so you can choose the one you like best as a new family member.

English Bulldog

The English bulldog has short legs, a large body, and an even bigger head. Full of folds and with an obvious corpulence, the English bulldog falls in love with people around the world for his sweet character.

Everything that is corpulent, it is funny (and affectionate). It is quite calm and balanced. The English bulldog will enjoy receiving affection from its owners and doing short walks. Do you dare to meet him?


This is one of the most elegant dogs’ par excellence. Medium in size and with a nose and very thin legs, this dog has a beautiful hair primarily cinnamon, with black and white touches in the chest and legs. His walk is so stately that this breed has been the protagonist of numerous television series and movies, such as the well-known Lassie.

This breed of dog is one of the best known, since a puppy of the same stars in a toilet paper ad. This medium or large size dog has a medium length and soft hair.

It is usually very calm and ideal for a home with children. Although the best known is cream-colored, they also exist in cinnamon and black.

This breed has its origin in the north of England and Scotland. Although it encompasses several races, the Collie stands out in any case for its extreme elegance, a fine snout, and an extremely beautiful coat.

They can usually be black and white, with variations of cinnamon hue. Having such a distinguished bearing and walking, the Collie is an irreplaceable race in international competitions. Also, the Border Collie is known as the most intelligent dog breed in the world.


This breed of dog is a little ball of walking hair. It is hilarious to see them run as they throw all their hair back. If on a winter day, you see one with completely white hair, be careful, you can confuse it with a snowflake.

Be careful with your heart because you can suffer an attack of how nice it is, the Pomeranian stands out for being an extremely affectionate dog that you will love to take everywhere.

Jack Russell Terrier

This small-sized dog is one of the most friendly and cheerful that exists. They are very intelligent and affectionate animals, faithful to the master and ideal for playing with children.

His funny face and his ease in learning human teachings make Jack Russell Terrier the ideal dog for great films like ‘The Mask’ or ‘ The Artist. ‘


The Samoyed is a real snow dog. It comes from Russia, and formerly they used nomadic tribes for sledding and warmed the family unit at night.

It has a really extraordinary white fur, and its character is very playful, even in adulthood, the Samoyed is still a puppy. Its sweet character and beautiful appearance make it very suitable for families with children.


Another of the most elegant dogs that exist. Its stylized figure and its long nose make this animal one of the choices that exist. Although many still use it as a racing animal, Greyhounds are better companions in the home, since they have a docile and affectionate character. 

Impossible not to include the greyhound, one of the most elegant dogs. His elongated body and snout make him have a very special shape. Several designers have used their silhouette as a logo for their designs.

A misfortune is that at the same time that this news is given, there are others about the high amount of abandonment or abuse they suffer. If you are thinking of adopting a greyhound, do not hesitate to go to “SOS greyhounds” to take home the most beautiful dog in the world: yours.

As for the fur, we find them of all colors, but perhaps those most spectacular are metallic gray or those that combine more than two colors.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world, and it is no accident. What to say about this beauty that we never get tired of seeing running behind a roll of toilet paper.

The Labrador Retriever not only inspires tenderness on all four sides, but it is the image of loyalty personified. It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest dogs and could not rejoice more than its sweet and obedient character accompany this breed.

Spanish Breton

This dog breed is characteristic for its abilities as a hunter. Many of them even lack the tail, which made them more vulnerable when it comes to hunting.

This elegant animal can have short or medium length hair and always white with dark brown or tan spots. It is an excellent protector as well as ideal for families with children, for their great desire to belong in a litter.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dogs in the world no longer simply because of its resemblance to the wolf, who could not fall in love with that crystalline look?

The Husky is the snow dog, the prettiest among those found in that environment. With white and gray fur, with black touches, its most differential feature is its eyes that can be blue or green or one of each color.

In cities, it is recommended that they exercise a lot and live in large houses, but they will feel trapped and unhappy.

An attribute that nature has offered this breed is the possible appearance of heterochromia (the possibility of having an eye of each color) from blue to brown through green, yellow, and copper tones. These are noble and calm dogs.


There are three different measures of this dog breed, but they are all equally elegant. We are very used to watching rich people in TV series and movies accompanied by this funny curly-haired dog, either in its smallest, medium, or largest size.

Also, their owners often cut their fur in very original ways, which enhances their elegance and authenticity.

Yorkshire Terrier

This little dog is very funny and moving. With a sharp and constant bark, you can sometimes become one of the most spoiled beings in the home, due to its small size and its beautiful look. Of colors, usually gray and light brown, this dog is ideal for small floors and elderly people with reduced mobility.

The Staffordshire terrier is a dog considered PPP, but the truth is that its small size and its tremendously affectionate character make it the ideal dog of any home. In addition to a really beautiful and somewhat muscular appearance, the Staffordshire terrier is one of the most affectionate dogs that exist.

There is Staffordshire bull terrier of all colors, including cinnamon, black, or chocolate, whether uniform or mottled. They are great!

White Terrier

This beautiful white dog and small size is very funny and always wants to play. Its pointed ears and tiny nose make it one of the most elegant small breed dogs, but its beauty should not fool us since they have a strong character.

German Shepherd

This dog is the ideal companion for those who live in towers or very large houses with a garden.

It is an animal that learns and accepts the rules easily and becomes the best defender of the family unit.

Its stylized shape and black and dark brown colors make it one of the most beautiful and elegant dogs that exist.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is another small and friendly dog. It’s funny because, in the past, the Chinese groomed them to look like little lions. They are very affectionate, sweet and beautiful!

The biggest feature of this breed is its long and silky mantle that reaches the ground. You have almost certainly seen a picture of a Shih Tzu with a pin on his head. They are in total.


This breed is well known for the famous animated film, for which the bad one wants to make a coat with her beautiful fur. And the white background with black spots is very beautiful and elegant, in addition to the stylized and high figure of the animal. However, these dogs tend to be very active and need us to spend a lot of time, in addition to having a difficult character to control if they are not well taught.

The Dalmatian is a dog that became tremendously popular after the Disney premiere of “101 Dalmatians” and for its unmistakable white fur with black spots. In addition to being elegant, the Dalmatian is a really beautiful and stylized dog with whom we will enjoy practicing exercise.

Chow Chow

Here we have a firm aspiring stuffed dog. I can assure you that in some photos, it would cost you to differentiate it. Our walking pompom is known for having roasted fur, although it can also have black and cream. What you might not know is that this breed has a black-bluish tongue. Incredible!

It is a somewhat shy dog ​​but very faithful to its family nucleus, with low exercise needs but high training requirements. Is chow Chow the perfect dog for you?


Just as beautiful as it is big and quiet. Newfoundland, usually, is black, although there are also brown or white with black spots.

He is really affectionate and protective of his own, patient, and kind to children. In addition to being very beautiful, the Newfoundland dog is an excellent rescue dog, and it has saved the lives of hundreds of people throughout history. He is undoubtedly an excellent swimmer.


Beagle is one of the most fashionable races in recent times. Medium and tricolor measure has long ears that fall sideways and sometimes a somewhat sad look. However, we must be careful not to gain more weight than the ideal, since they have a tendency to fall into obesity and it will be really difficult to help them lose weight.

The beagle is a sweet and sweet-looking dog that will undoubtedly conquer the heart of anyone who sees it, and it is beautiful! Something independent, decisive, and with a hunting instinct, the beagle is a dog that will not leave you indifferent either because of its great mental capacity or its enviable physique.

All dog breeds are beautiful, even those dogs that have no breed, so it all depends on the needs that the animal has and requires and the time we have to find the most beautiful and elegant dog for us.

Carlino or Pug

How can you be so adorable in such a small body? The Carlino, despite its tiny size, is a very calm and affectionate dog, close to those who take care of it on a daily basis.

In addition to its sweet rose and tender look, the Carlino or pug is one of the dogs indicated to have in a small flat. It’s impossible for a Carlino not to make you fall in love!

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is one of the sweetest Japanese dogs that exist either because of its tender look, its small size, or its eternal playful character.

Something shy with strangers, the Shiba Inu, is a beautiful and very affectionate dog that will surprise you with its agility and surprising behaviors (of course) discover everything about the Shiba Inu in ThePetsAid.

Cocker Spaniel

If you are thinking of an elegant, small, and intelligent dog, the Cocker Spaniel is undoubtedly a very good option.

Not only do they exist with golden fur, but there are also several colors: black, cream, white with black spots, black with golden spots. All equally handsome and exquisite.

Also, it is an affectionate dog, sociable by nature and really beautiful. .In fact, the Lady in “The Lady and the Tramp” is portraying the Cocker Spaniel. To read more articles like dogs more attractive.