How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Are you thinking about how to get a puppy to sleep through the night?: When we bring a puppy to our home, we imagine that everything will be pink and that dogs at these ages are the most tender and cute, but like babies, they also give their war, especially for the night.

Puppy dogs are extremely tender, affectionate, and playful. Usually, we all love dogs when they are at this stage, but many dog owners have suffered from a common problem when we have had our furry puppies, and they don’t let us sleep at night. The causes can range from insomniaOpens in a new tab. until they stop crying; the first thing is to identify the cause to know how to attack it.

In many ways, having a puppy is like having a baby at home. It is cute and fun, lets you hug and play with him is an adventure, but also demands a lot of attention and occasionally has some tantrums. Everyone has heard horror stories about those parents who spend terrible nights because their baby keeps them awake all night. But luckily, helping a puppy educate himself to sleep through the night is very easy.

Just like humans, dogs are more active during the day, and by nature, they prefer to sleep at night. Even if they take frequent naps they usually have a deep and prolonged sleep at night. Your puppy will be ready for this activity cycle when you take it home, although, like other baby animals, he will not be ready to master his bladder yet

What Can You Expect From Your Puppy’s

The causes that can lead your dog not to sleep at night vary greatly since he has an insomnia is nervous or wants to do his needs. Although in many ways a puppy is like a baby, luckily there are some tricks you can use to make your four-legged friend sleep through the night.

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Where should my puppy sleep at night time? Your puppy’s first night will most likely be in two ways: he will be totally exhausted from the excitement of the day and maybe ready to go to sleep, or he is very likely to have trouble doing so.

Arriving at a new house with so many strangers is a naturally stressful event, even if each introduction is done slowly. What you can do, if you know the origin of your puppy is to request a garment or toy that smells like his mother or his siblings, locate the object in the bed that you have destined for him before going to bed to sleep, these familiar aromas will allow Your puppy relaxes and gets used to his new place.

Your puppy is, the less likely he will be able to sleep through the night at first. Usually, dogs do not like to dirty the areas where they sleep, so if your puppy needs to urinate during the night, he will start a whole fuss accompanied by a lot of crying. When you hear him cry, take him out for a walk, then come back inside and put him back in his bed. Once your puppy reaches 3 or 4 months of age, he will be used to sleep all night.

How is Puppy’s First Night at Home?

Possibly when your pet first arrives at your new home is very nervous, remember that puppies will not understand what is happening and the transition from living surrounded by other dogs sleeping with them, to get to a new house where only he is, you can relocate it a bit.


Probably when he arrived, you would like to play with him, caress him and establish the first contact with which he will be your best friend for many years. In this situation two things can happen: or that you are exhausted all day and sleep perfectly, or (and this is the most frequent) is nervous, and it costs you sleep.

If you know the origin of your puppy, what you can do is ask for a garment or toy that reminds him of his mother or siblings and put it on his bed so that the aroma makes him more relaxed. However, if you do not have this, it is likely that the animal wants to sleep with you, being a puppy, because of its size, it is dangerous that you put it in bed with you so you can give it some pledge of yours to calm it.

Remember that until 3 or 4 months of life of the animal, you may have trouble sleeping

because they will be more willing to do their needs, they will wake up during the night, etc. but once past that barrier will sleep perfectly. 

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

The following are some tips that you can put into practice, in order to help you educate your puppy to sleep through the night.

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Help Him by Exercising a Lot During the Day

A commonly known saying says that “a tired dog is a good dog,” and it is very true. Stimulating a puppy’s mind and body during the day with age-appropriate activities will help you as the owner to establish strong ties with him.

And your puppy will help him burn all his energy. But remember, as your puppy will grow, he will also need more exercise.

Play With Him

Perhaps this is the most effective advice, and that is, the more tired your pet is, the more easily he can I fall asleep. It stimulates your mind and your body with games, activity and long walks during the day, this will not only help you to be calmer at bedtime but also, you will strengthen ties with him.


But remember, the physical exercise that you do with your dog must be adjusted to the age that it is since the more you grow the more hours of play it will demand.

Set Routines

Putting routines on your pet is essential so that he knows what the moments of playing, walking, and sleeping is. If you accustom your puppy to that since the last walk is no longer played, he does not bark and rest, and he will begin to fall asleep better little by little.


You can also take advantage after the last ride of the day to give him a toy that can gnaw and so be calmer.

Take Care to Make Your Bedtime Quiet 

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Try to avoid intense and exciting games, just half an hour before bedtime. Many dogs enjoy routines: for example, many understand that when you are brushing your teeth at the end of the day, it is officially time to go to bed. 

Make a Comfortable Bed for Him

Many dogs enjoy soft blankets to snuggle at night, while others prefer a slightly cooler surface. Consider the temperature when choosing the type of bed you give your puppy; it is essential to make it more comfortable. No one wants to be warm when it is so cold outside, right?


Ideally, in these ages, you should place your puppy’s bed next to yours so that he does not feel alone and begins to

cry at night to see that you are not. You can put a thermal bottle for him to sleep warm and give him the feeling that he is accompanied in bed if he tries to climb yours. Another trick is to put a watch near it because the ticking is relaxing for dogs. Make sure the bed o is the right size and is consistent with the season; this will help you be more comfortable.

Make Sure You Have Urinated and Defecated Before Going to Sleep

Sometimes, when you take your puppy outside, he can get distracted by exploring, and he also forgets why they took him out of the house. An “empty” puppy will sleep much more than one who needs to go to the bathroom at midnight.

A Calm Home

It is essential that at bedtime if puppy not sleeping through night anymore, we make a lot of noise or activities that can cause the nervousness of our pet, since as you know, animals are very sensitive so, if you notice that you are excited, euphoric, etc. The puppy is more likely to start getting nervous and not able to

I fall asleep. Like people, animals like to get home and breathe peace and quiet.

Give Him Something to Bite 

Biting and chewing is a very relaxing activity and that also all dogs usually enjoy. And that they enjoy much more when their teeth are growing, as in the case of your puppy.


Some people give their dogs a cookie or a chewable toy just before bedtime. Having a toy or bone on your bed can also help your puppy stay entertained in case he wakes up at night or first than you.

My Puppy Does Not Stop Crying

Chances are, especially in the first few weeks, the puppy cries at night when he is away from you, and in a house, he doesn’t know. It is essential that you keep calm and that every time you cry or demand attention do not always come to the call, but make sure everything is fine.


Whenever you need to turn on the light to verify that your pet is well, use an indirect light and little by little your pet will understand that he is not alone and I will stop crying. Our pets do not like to dirty the area where they sleep, so maybe if they start crying, scratching the door, etc

Keep Your Puppy’s Bed Near You

A good practice, while your puppy gets used to sleeping through the night, is to have his bed close to yours. This is a way to ensure that they do not feel alone, in addition to that you can listen to them in case they wake up at night. You also have the possibility of giving them a greater sense of freedom.


There may be many different factors so that a puppy can not sleep, but it is in your hands to educate him to achieve it. According to the six tips that we gave you before, you will have noticed that the main rule for this to be a successful process is to maintain a routine, make a schedule to play, eat, and sleep, too, if you follow this scheme to the letter.

Warm-up your puppy’s bed before taking him to sleep, it is also a very good trick to stay in it, remember that if your sleep problems

persist, you should not hesitate a second to consult your veterinarian. A certain space for your puppy will make him feel safe and refugee; that is, he will feel at home, comfortable, warm, loved, and above all, very polite.

It is because they feel like urinating or pooping if they need to take it for a walk, but remember Do not scold him for this or if he does his needs on the floor since, at this age, they are not able to control the bladder, instead put soakers to get used to doing their needs in that place.

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