My Dog ​​is Getting Fat, What Can I Do?

My dog is too fat or My Dog ​​is Getting Fat: Have you noticed that your dog has started to gain extra weight? You must put a solution! These are the guidelines you should follow if your dog is gaining weight.

I Think My Dog ​​is Getting Fat, What Can I Do?

The canine overweight is a problem that has serious consequences for dogs. Some of the problems derived from being overweight are:

My Dog ​​is Getting Fat

  • More chances of suffering from diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, diabetes, respiratory, and heart diseases.
  • It prevents you from leading a normal life since it makes it difficult for you to walk or play.
  • All this can shorten their life expectancy.

Therefore, it is necessary that if you notice that your pet is taking a few extra kilos, intervene soon. But why can a dog put on weight? The most frequent reasons are:

  • Lack of exercise.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Changes in your lifestyle.
  • Diseases such as hypothyroidismOpens in a new tab..
  • There are also more prone races than others.

Steps to Follow if Your Dog is Getting Fat

Now that you know the reasons take note of the tips that you should take into account if your furry is gaining weight.

my dog is too fat
My dog is too fat

1. Confirm What is the Correct Weight of Your Pet

Each breed has a small interval that tells us its ideal weight. Do you know your pet’s?

Maybe he has taken a few pounds, but it could be that before he was below his weight, and now he is fine.

If you don’t know what your pet’s weight is, ask a professional.

2. Exercise That Never Fails!

Every day your dog must go outside to exercise. Walking, playing, and running is essential to keep fit. If you are also gaining weight, this will become even more important.

A sedentary life is not appropriate for a dog. Think about this before adopting a furry: you should always make time for exercise.

3. Adequate Food

When we talk about food, we must ask ourselves several questions if your dog is gaining weight:

  • You must give him the right food for his needs: the vitamins and nutrients that a dog needs are not the same as a puppy, as a young dog, an adult dog, or one in its old age.
  • When you know what food is for your pet, be sure to feed it in the proper amounts. Be careful to succumb to those irresistible glances and give it more!
  • The leftovers from human meals are totally prohibited: not only because it can make you fat, but because there are foods that are dangerous for dogs.
  • Reduce snacks: that your pet behaves well is synonymous with a prize, but if your dog is gaining weight, the number of snacks must be controlled.
  • If he is already overweight, offer him a portion of food according to this situation.

 My Dog ​​is Getting

4. Veterinary Visit

Visits to the vet are essential to ensure that the health of our pets is perfectly. In case your dog is gaining weight, these visits become important for several reasons:

  • On the one hand, it can advise you on the aforementioned points: ideal weight, type and amount of food (especially if it needs to be modified to regulate the weight) and amount of daily exercise. (there are breeds that tend to be overweight, but cannot do high physical exercise, such as Pug or Carlino, for example).
  • On the other hand, it will carry out the necessary studies on your furry to know if the reason for the increase in kilos is due to illness or not.

You already know, if your dog is getting fat, don’t overlook it! Your health is at stake!

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