6 Intelligence Brain Games for Dogs of 2023

Best Intelligence Brain Games for Dogs: Everyone likes to play with their pet and have a good time with it. Playing with our dog will not only make it calmer at home and let off some of that energy so characteristic of these animals, but it will also make us closer to our pet.

Intelligence Brain Games for Dogs

There are many intelligence games for dogs that you can practice with your pet both outside and inside the house, just as there are some that will require more energy from your dog while others will depend a little more on their abilities. However, although some are complicated, any dog ​​can play and learn it, even if it takes a little more time.

Games for Dogs

The benefits of practicing this kind of intelligence game for dogs with your pet are many. A dog with an active mind is much happier, and you will also avoid getting bored and causing problems in the house, such as destruction or excessive barking. This is why, especially if your dog is still a puppy, this kind of game will come in handy to be calmer and become more obedient. Next, we leave you 6 intelligence games for Dogs that you can try.

1. Hide and Seek Game

Keeping a dog busy is complicated; that’s why if you don’t have much time to play with him, you can play these interactive games for dogs with which he will entertain himself practically alone. To play hide-and-seek, all you have to do is spread a toy with wet food or something that smells strongly of food and hide it around the house.

Hide and seek is a very recurring game that they love.

It is preferable that we cover it with a cloth or a t-shirt that we do not mind if it gets stained so that the game has more interest for the dog since it will have to unwrap it. You can also put some obstacles such as boxes or chairs that must be jumped to be able to go to the area where the toy is; once you find it, reward your dog with a cookie or pampering.

2. The Teddy Game

This is a very fun game with which you and your dog will have a great time, and you may have a couple of laughs. To play this game, you must take a stuffed animal or object that your pet likes or draws his attention to, tie it to a rope, and this rope to a stick with which you can move the stuffed animal or object.

They will love playing catch the stuffed animal.

Hide behind a wall and move the stuffed animal without your dog, seeing that it’s you until you get his attention. Once he tries to catch the stuffed animal or object, quickly puts it aside and waits for him to try to reach it again. You will have a wonderful time together.

3. Sort the Toys

Tidying up is not something fun, but if we put in a little imagination and creativity, we can make our pets have a great time when we keep our house a little more in order. The first thing you should know is that all dogs are intelligent enough to learn any type of order, it is true that the older they are, the more difficult it is, but whether it requires more or less time, in the end, they always succeed.

Teaching them to drop a toy from their mouth is the first step in getting them to drop it into a basket or box. For this, you will need a clicker or something that makes a small noise so that it associates it and prizes to give your pet when it does well.

Sorting toys can be very entertaining.

First of all, make sure you have a clear command such as “pick up” or “basket” so that your dog associates it, guide it to the place where you want it to be commanded, and when you release it, say the word and reward it. It will begin to learn the order little by little, and you will be able to do it with different objects. Your pet will like this because, for him, it will be like a game and, for you, a way to keep your house clean. This is one of the best intelligence games that experts recommend.

4. The Box Game

With this homemade brain games for dogs, your pet will have a great time. You only need a more or less large cardboard box, and if you don’t have any on hand, you can go to any supermarket and take one of the ones they have to throw away. As these are easy to disassemble, they will not take up much space, and your four-legged friend will have a great time with them.

Dogs love cardboard boxes.

You simply have to place the box in the middle of the room and put something inside that your pet wants. It can be a treat, a toy, or something that entertains him. You just have to show him that you have placed the object there and wait for him to catch it. You can also play hide in the box, and he has to be the one to take it from you or even put it on him.

5. The Ring Stacking Game

Although it is a bit complicated to learn at first, your dog will have a lot of fun with it. Do not despair if he does not master it the first day since it can take days and even weeks to understand the game, but when he does, your dog will begin to develop more and more intelligence from him.

It’s a fun game

This interactive game for dogs consists of putting rings on a stick, and remember that the rings must be made of wood with natural dyes so that your dog can bite it without getting intoxicated. For this game, you will also need a clicker and prizes. The ring stacking game consists of clicking each time your dog picks up a ring and giving him a prize. Once he has understood this, you must do the same when he puts the ring near the stick; little by little, he will understand the game’s purpose until he finally knows that he must stack them all.

6. Birds in the Window

If you live in a house with a terrace or garden and you don’t have much time to play with your pet, this is the perfect game. Install a bird feeder in front of the window; although it may seem like something that will not help much to keep your pet busy, the truth is that dogs find it more interesting than it seems. Dogs are easily entertained, and if you install a bird feeder, they will be amazed seeing birds of different species and colors come. With this, your friend will also feel less alone at home.

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