5 Best Dog Breeds for Children or Kids of 2024

Best Dog Breeds for Children: Choosing a pet for the family is not an option that should be taken quickly. There are many factors that must be considered, and one of them is what type of dog we want to have in our home, depending on the characteristics that we are looking for in the animal, our family group, and the space that we have dedicated to it.

For this reason, it is always important to seek as much information as possible and get to know the puppy and its breeder before making a decision since a pet is a long-term relationship that requires time, care, and responsibility.

5 Best Dog Breeds for Children

If you’re hoping to start a family, we’ve put up a list of the breeds that best fit that lifestyle. Having a pet at home can assist youngsters in their learning—at-home dog breeds for children.

Best Dog Breeds for Children

Before having a dog at home because your children want a pet, you have to make it very clear that a dog is not a toy. These animals, as adorable and fun as they are, involve responsibilities and certain care.

Having a pet can be an excellent opportunity for children to learn to be more responsible. Therefore, you have to adopt the most appropriate breed to teach them to be with an animal and everything that involves having one at home. Next, we will tell you which are the Best Dog Breeds for Children and their characteristics.

1. Mongrel dogs

Crossbreed dogs are the best to have at home because they are usually very appreciative.

Generally, mestizos are those animals that require adoption and that have had a complicated life. For this reason, many of them adapt to being the first to be in a safe and loving environment. Although there are also other mestizos that take longer to adapt, but they always end up being happy.

2. Bichon

These little dogs are extremely playful and affectionate in their first months of life. When they grow up, they become calmer, but they are willing to run whenever they are with children.

Being a small breed, it does not require a lot of space to live. But, due to its fragility, it needs adult supervision when they are with the little ones, especially in the first months of life.

3. French Bulldog

This little animal is one of the most common and popular in various homes.

The reason for this is that it has the best characteristics to be in a house. He is affectionate, sociable, energetic, playful, and easy to train.

4. Pug

The pug has a very nice face, and this is its main feature. He is a very loyal dog and always looks for someone to show his love with great energy or scratch his belly.

The best thing to do is for families who tend to stay at home for a long time, since it is a puppy that, if it is alone, tends to get depressed. Also, he is not a dog to go for a run because he tires very quickly and has difficulty breathing if he does something very intense. It is the perfect pet for quiet families who live in small spaces and prefer leisurely walks.

5. Labrador

Labradors are the Best Dog Breeds for Children because of their intelligence, faithfulness, and affection. If they are well educated from a young age, they will be able to endure the antics of the little ones with peace of mind and patience.

In addition, they really like to run for long periods and be in the water, that is why they are ideal for living in large and spacious houses. Although they are strong, they are not very violent and obedient breeds because an order from the owner is usually enough to calm them down.

What should I know before having a dog for Children?

Some tips that you can follow if you want to adopt a dog is that you take into account your way of life. It is not the same to spend all your time at home as arriving at a certain time of day and leaving the animal alone most of the time. Also, living in a small apartment will mean that you have to walk the dog more times since it will not have the exterior of a house.

Another aspect to consider is the age of the dog. The best stage to have a dog is when it becomes detached from its pack, between 2 or 4 months. At that age, their ability to adapt and our influence on their education is greater.

In addition, as a member of the family, you have to take care of the pet and keep it sterilized, vaccinated, and dewormed. It is very important to go to the vet to carry out the necessary check-ups, take care of his hygiene and give him a lot of love. Starting by adopting a dog is the best option because they are usually the friendliest animals to live with. If you are well behaved, any type of dog can be the ideal companion.

However, there are children’s dog breeds that are calmer and better suited to these ages. Would you like to know which ones are they? Don’t miss today’s article. If you want to know more about the canine world, check out our Master in Dog Grooming.


In this list, we cannot forget our beloved quilters, since although it is difficult to predict their personality, the rescue of a puppy is an excellent way to educate our children in the care, respect, and affection for animals. A compassionate act like this will be long rewarded with the unconditional love and loyalty that only a grateful quilter can deliver.

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