How Long Does Cats Stay Pregnant: How long have cats been pregnant and what happens during pregnancy?

How Long Does Cats Stay Pregnant

Do you suspect that your cat is pregnant? Unless you have a great experience raising cats, it will be difficult for you to realize that your cat is pregnant.

How Long Does Cats Stay Pregnant?

Even if you discover it, you will find yourself in the difficult situation of realizing when it started and in what phase it is. This is because cats usually carry out this process with discretion and without presenting many physical changes until it is close to the day of giving birth. For this reason, we share what you should know about the pregnancy and gestation of cats.

The Gestation Period of a Cat

Your kitten’s pregnancy is unique like her, which means that it can vary in its duration even from others that your own feline has had previously; however, the standard range is between 63 days (nine weeks) and 70 days (10 weeks).

The best thing you can do to clear up your doubts and provide the appropriate care to your cat is by visiting the veterinarian. With an ultrasound, you will be able to discover what stage the embryos are in and the fact that the animal health professional will provide you with information that you take into account, and together, they can prevent any complications.

Stages of a cat’s pregnancy

More than stages with visible drastic changes, they are changes that occur inside, in the embryos.

  • It is until the second week that ultrasound can reveal the embryos, approximately after day 14.
  • The heart of the unborn kittens will begin to give its first beats from day 22, so it will not be possible to hear it before that.
  • After the fifth week, slight visible changes will begin in the future mother since her breasts will begin to swell and change in tone.
  • Taking X-rays during pregnancy is not recommended since it exposes your beloved cat and her future offspring to radiation. However, you should know that the skeleton of future kittens can be appreciated after the seventh week.
  • It is possible that in the eighth week, some strange behaviors will begin since your kitten will prepare to give birth, which means that she will begin to prepare a burrow; if you discover this, help her by respecting the nest. You will look for a quiet and dark space, usually, one that is secluded and where there is no noise or a lot of human activity.

Food and other care

The best way to help your pregnant cat and her future pups is by providing them with proper nutrition. At ThePetsAID, you will find diets specifically designed to provide you with the necessary balance of nutrients throughout your pregnancy and lactation.


At ThePetsAID, we believe that when pets and people come together, life is better. Sharing such an important moment as pregnancy and the birth of new kittens is an unforgettable experience that requires accompaniment to guarantee the health and tranquility that they deserve at home.

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